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Cop dissapearing on my screen

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I'm a farely new player to gta 5 rp but this happend.


Around 21:00 GMT+2

Name is RyanOle, I don't know the officers name

Issue/bug i'm reporting:


So the cop puts on siren follows me and my friend (we are in the same car), i get out to get the cop to stop and he finaly does because i have a gun. (friend drives off)

He steps out and just dissapears, I shot 3 times (at 1m distance) so i was like oh okey i think i killed him. Then another cop comes up and i hostage him (he puts arms in the air) 

And the cop that dissapeared just shoots me in the back gets me to prison and says "Dude Don't turn your back to a cop that you hostaged".


Like, i'm in prison for 2.3 hours now just because a cop dissapeared. And i lost my gun and drugs that wouldn't have been confescated if he didn't dissapear.


So idk if this is a bug or what. I prob won't get a refund for my stuff but just wanted to put this out there.

(I don't record so i don't have evidence just gonna need to take my word for it)

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Had to put more detail in
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2 hours ago, Marca said:

Sometimes when someone exits a vehicle, they may go invisible for a couple of seconds. There are also instances of people randomly standing in areas (can even see them talk) then disappearing (resyncing). 

So its nor my fault nor the guys fault. Just a bug  in the game? or just the way it is.

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