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Remove Reactions From Player Reports...

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Player reports should be for communication between the players involved in the situation and the admins so I don't see why it would make sense to open it up for the world to react to. Specifically one of the newer reports about OOC Insults which it's a rule, and should be upheld just like any other rule on the server. Multiple people reacted with some lame "Snowflake" reaction to it. The person was insulted OOC, there's no question about it, if that is a sore subject for them they have every right to report it without you adding OOC insults to the situation.

That's just my opinion, and if the admins don't agree then they mine as well remove the OOC Insult rule completely if it's not going to be taken seriously, there's no need to keep in rules that no one cares about. 

This is just one nice guy's opinion... 

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11 minutes ago, Psychoneurotic said:

Alright niceguy™, there's already been a similar report, suggesting that reactions shouldn't be a thing, and it was denied by a current Admin and a previous senior admin.



That's the kind of response I was expecting from some timid little kid who needs to puff his chest out on the internet and act like a tough guy since he's too meek and timid to every be that assertive in his own life. Congrats for proving that the OOC Insult rule is a complete joke since it's not even close to being upheld. 

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