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  1. Thank you both. I figured as much but wanted confirming so I could move on. Thanks!
  2. I am assuming the answer is no, but it's worth a shot. I sold my commercial building to an employee who worked at City Hall. We agreed on a price of 1.2 mil, where he'd buy it at the door for 800k and owe me 400k for it. We had a signed contract saying that if he could not come up with the money in so many months that he would sell the building back to me. A short time after he quit playing on the server. I reached out to see if he could hop on quick to get me my building back and never got a response, it's been well over 6 months now. Is there ANYTHING that can be done to get my property back? (Assuming not, but I want to confirm that info so I can get closure.)
  3. That's the kind of response I was expecting from some timid little kid who needs to puff his chest out on the internet and act like a tough guy since he's too meek and timid to every be that assertive in his own life. Congrats for proving that the OOC Insult rule is a complete joke since it's not even close to being upheld.
  4. Player reports should be for communication between the players involved in the situation and the admins so I don't see why it would make sense to open it up for the world to react to. Specifically one of the newer reports about OOC Insults which it's a rule, and should be upheld just like any other rule on the server. Multiple people reacted with some lame "Snowflake" reaction to it. The person was insulted OOC, there's no question about it, if that is a sore subject for them they have every right to report it without you adding OOC insults to the situation. That's just my opinion, and if the admins don't agree then they mine as well remove the OOC Insult rule completely if it's not going to be taken seriously, there's no need to keep in rules that no one cares about. This is just one nice guy's opinion...
  5. UPDATE: The top unit has been sold. Only one unit left at the bottom. Price has been reduced to 200k at the door. First Come First Serve.
  6. It's not an auction but thank you for your interest.
  7. Right before the casino update that locked so many of us out of the city I sold my business property to a guy who worked for city hall. The property was listed at 1.2 mil, sold for 800 with the additional 400k being a loan that was suppose to be repaid back to me. I haven't been able to get a hold of the individual and I heard through the grapevine that he quit the city completely. Am I just screwed out of that 400k now? If I have the "contract that was made up for the loan is there any way to get the property returned to me from the government?
  8. Fully Maxed Massacro Including Turbos | @ High End Market Listed for 385K "Alien Green" with Custom Plate "UFOHNTR"
  9. These two units are already listed on the market, can be bought separate or together for a "2g" set up. Upstairs Unit has the ability to build on roof which is accessible by ladder, bottom unit is closest to the pool and can put in seating area next to pool. Price is non-negotiable, not in a rush to sell, first come first serve.
  10. As well as an ally directly next to it with private parking. Never had a car messed with there.
  11. Without a gps this is as best as I can do for the location. It's directly in front of Weazel News located on the GPS. While I renovated it as one story, you can take out a ceiling tile and put in stairs, the second floor is completely wide open for additional space... Property is unlocked if you'd like to take a look in person.
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