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james st patrick

Consent RP

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so this server is a mixed of voice and text based where the two can both live some people use head sets others use text    

My question is  when anything  with consent. Eg.

/do. Ask if I can search him  

/do would I be allowed 

/do s 


that is consider a decent enough answer but if I can roleplay it buy voice  they always do ooc please use text.    Surly it works Botha ways.  It kills roleplay for myself and others I have spoken about.  It must be a 2 way street   


What do others think on this matter. 



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Imagine some RPs searching your pockets, this is an action that can't be given consent through voice, otherwise you would be breaking a server rule. It's not like saying ''I would allow you to search me'' in VOIP is very realistic, which is why people use /me and /do even if they are mainly using voice to communicate IC'ly, because at the end of the day /me and /do is an OOC action that informs and determines IC roleplay.

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