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Date and time (provide timezone):  n/a

Character name:  Joe Deys

Issue/bug you are reporting:  No crime zone is not working - vehicle getting stolen and then crushed. This is the third time I've paid 2.5k for my jester to from Mors cos someone has managed to steal it from closed gated area (in the NCZ) of SD within Paleto.

Expected behavior:   When attempting to bobby pin it should say you can't due to NCZ of which it dosen't.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:  TP to paleto and attempt to bobby pin vehicle

Vehicle license plate number*:  n/a - all vehicles affected 

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5 hours ago, Osvaldon said:

if you type /ncz, does it say that asset protection is enabled?

It says enabled now and now Im unable to picklock the vehicles which is strange cos it was working recently but Im happy that it's fixed. Still wondering how someone was able to crush my car from the secured gated SD ncz but I guess that's one for me to solve myself. 

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@DrizzyDre, @thiggins19 hello, thank you for your bug report, the NCZ prevents players from locking vehicles that are within a NCZ, however, if a player manages to remove a vehicle from a NCZ, then it's possible for them to lockpick it. There is definitely an issue at the Central Hospital, which will be resolved in the next server update and it could be related to your report!

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