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Brandon Powers

Hell Knights Motorcycle Club

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Hello I am the founder and President of Hell Knights Motorcycle Club, Brandon Powers.

We are a brotherhood first and foremost, with women being involved only as respected old ladies of members and affiliations to the club.

Built on give respect, get respect we expect nothing less.

Being a brotherhood we focus primarily on building private businesses, and developing affiliations to benefit our club as well as plan ride outs, events and parties.

We believe in keeping the tanks full, the motorcycles free and support for your club strong.



1. Give respect, get respect.

2. Respect your patch.

3. Pay all club dues as your available to do so.

4. Own a V-Twin motorcycle or intend to get one soon.

5. Own a business or have a career, job or trade.

6. Attend as many club events, ride outs and parties as you can.



We have a clubhouse in Grapeseed, the Mckenzie Airfield.


First small club gathering at the clubhouse.



Our patch is still being designed but we will be using a three piece patch system. 

With top rocker being the name of the club, middle patch as the cartoon, and bottom rocker being the location as the state of San Andreas.




To start off with the positions we have the President, being a permanent role it can only be passed on by the current President or voted in on a Presidents death.

This man oversees the entire motorcycle club and can make any changes to suit the club.


Second we have the Vice President, a man who has permission to act as the President in his absence.

He primarily deals with everything the President does, but with less permanence as the President has to approve the VP's changes.


Third we have the Sgt At Arms, the man responsible for seeing club discipline is kept in check.

He is the one acting as the Presidents right hand to maintaining proper club discipline and can dish out swift club justice as needed. He is also responsible for security of club meetings.


Fourth we have the Road Captain, the man responsible for planning rides, events and club routes for ride outs.

He is also the head diplomat when dealing with other clubs or organisations as ride outs and events should be a priority for this man.

He is also responsible for safety on the road for the club.


Fifth we have Secretary, this man is responsible for keeping notes, plans, and any documents or paperwork the club needs.

He also acts as a vote collector when the club has a need for a vote on any matter. 


Sixth is Treasurer, he is responsible for seeing the club collects its dues from each member.

This man also will work with any sort of club business activity there is, and keep a record of payments, employments and progress.


Seventh is an Enforcer. This officer rank is several members at very least.

 He is the will of the Sgt At Arms, and can act freely to correct club mistakes he sees being committed.


Eighth is a Chaplain, this man is to be a voice of reason and calm guidance, encouraging positive growth and freely assisting any full patch member and above.


Ninth is a full patched member. This man will receive his top rocker and cartoon patch after he prospects.

This is any member who has prospected and has shown he is worthy of representing the club wherever he goes.


Tenth is a Nomad. These are full patched members who are more solitary and want to develop club influence outside the normal means of club traditions.


Eleventh is a Prospect. A Prospect is allowed to wear a bottom rocker for the club, and is considered a trial role for the club as he proves to members that he is loyal and committed to the successful future of the motorcycle club.


Twelfth a Hangaround, this man is not part of the club other than just a knowledge passed around that he is interested in prospecting.

This man will be given opportunities to show he is loyal and committed to the motorcycle club.

The only requirement to be a hangaround is that you have a V-Twin motorcycle, or intend to acquire one in the near future.

Edited by Brandon Powers
Spelling and editing.
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