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How many Blaine County mobile home shitboxes are owned by characters who actually live in Blaine county?

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Im scowering every house north of the Vinewood sign. And everything seems to be owned! Every motel room every crap shack, every welfare wonderland ranch. 

Who the hell owns these?  And how many of them are actually characters who identify as a Blaine county resident? 

Everything on sale seems to be LS or Paleto, does Sanora desert actually have a thriving residential scene? Or are they just cheep houses bought upnin bulk by city RPers?

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Totally feel your pain. Some people tried to make up a group that historically were a gang in a specific area, therefore we tried to get some properties there as the group mainly hangs out in their neighbourhood. But like you said - mainly only houses in Vesspuci, Centeral LS and Vinewood sometimes comes up for sale. These less used areas do not sell for some reason.

Here is the attempt to get anyone to sell in a specific area - 


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