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Bias PD?

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So I am extremely PISSED...  

so basically the LSPD application is kinda suspect on their Application process.... 



Notice!  The 4 points on why the person was not accepted.



Now onto my application!



Notice the 4 easily fixable problems, that screenshot i chose the wrong one the /license so that is my bad, what are yall thoughts?

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The main difference I can see between these two applications is that you failed to answer 3.6 and 3.7 correctly, the other guy might have all of his answers correct they just need more detail. I am in no way affiliated with the PD just sharing my thoughts.

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From my personal experience I would say that once you're in the PD you would see some grouping up as players and maybe some bias things, but I really do not think it's at the recruitment process. The difference might be in the fact that 2 different people looked at the applications and one is more forgiving than other. Also it is hard to give constructive criticism on both applications as we just see the outcome, but cannot compare the actual applications/answers to have a better idea of what was wrong with his and your application.

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My thoughts are that the LSPD recruitment process is primarily In Character. If you want to question any IC aspects of the recruitment process, you can reach out to recruitment officers, as well as for any OOC inquiries. 

https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=332 - Director of our Office and Support Services
https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1700 - Commanding Officer of our Recruitment & Employment Division

The LSPD recruitment process is run entirely by the faction and not the community. There is no rules or guidelines dictating how our recruitment process should work on an Out of Character level. 

I will be closing this thread as you've been given advice on how to proceed.

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