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Loan Companies Improvements / City Hall

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Hey bros and gals

These are some improvements I would like to see for loan companies. 
Gas stations, Gun Stores and now General Stores had an update that truckers have to deliver the goods to the business in order for the business to supply its customers. I felt kinda sad to see no loan company update. So I got some suggestions that I believe are needed for the loan companies.

New commands:
/deleteloan [FName_NName] - this cancels the active loan of a person (Handy in refund request situations or if the company already has the collateral)
/contract [ID] [Amount] [Interest rate] [Payback date] [Collateral] - This would spawn in a contract (inventory item) then can be handed over and signed by the other party. (like a notepad) once signed you click save. and the contract can be brought to CITY HALL for a repo job if payment is too late. This command will also generate a random contract ID to be used by city hall.

Reworked commands:
/createloan [ID] [Amount] [Interest rate] [Payback date] [Collateral] - Collateral can be a house name or vehicle license plate.
/creditcheck [ID] - Would not only do a creditcheck but also show you a rough income estimate of that person, change payment for creditcheck from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars.

City hall is currently working on a repo job system, Where loan companies can request assets being removed from a person who's late on his payments. Using the contract signed (with the above command) this might make it easier. and with that said contract they would be able to remove an asset from the account of that said person. (Cheating protection) They would only be able to do so using the script, if the [payback date] has passed, and can only remove an asset from someone's account if that person put that license plate or house number as collateral. (Again anti-cheating protection) 

A command for city hall workers:
/repo [ID] [Fname_Lname] [contract ID] [payment amount]
(ID = Loan company owner, So he has to be online
Fname_Lname = the person who has the active loan
contract ID = the contract ID generated by /contract
payment amount = Repo payment for the loan company owner. I suggest 5000 to 10000 dollars what is donated to the government treasury)

The reason why the contract should be an inventory item is so it can be stolen. Its the responsibility of the owner of the loan company to keep the contract safe. (if stolen a person cannot remove someone's assets as only the Owner of the loan company + City hall worker would be able to do so, Again anti-cheating) IF stolen. City Hall would be unable to remove someone's assets, For criminal RP, This can be great as it enables great scamming possibilites.  


These are just some quality of life improvements for loan companies, Not only removes this the refund request wait-time for loan companies. It can all be done ingame without ECRP Staff, Making their lives and jobs easier. 

PS: Collateral signed should not be able to be sold at HE / LE / Scrapyard until the loan is paid off.

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I think that the loans in the game are not enough realistic, and this should be improved. In real life, when I took a loan from Lånemegleren.no, it was a long process. These guys helped me and gave me a loan with the best conditions. I had to sign a lot of papers, and it was a long process. I think that the loan companies in the game should be improved, there is a lot of work to do.

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-1 on the whole contract thing and maybe repos. Contracts have been digital forever, paper copies are only for clients and Repo's don't really happen much anymore.

+1 on everything else.

Things I've encountered with the 2mil in loans out in the city right now.

  • I really need to be able to cancel loans. (negatively impacted a few players already.)
  • I should be able to give 0% loans.
  • I'd like to be able to transfer loans to others who would like to 'take over the responsibility'.
  • I'd like to be able to give out loans that don't actually transfer the money (example, loan transfers or if someone wants to rent, buy something from me or purchase a service).
  • Some OOC information would be nice for the credit check. (Date of character creation, How much time do they spend in city over the last week or on average and what's their average $ per hour since they've been in the city).

/collect # - Would be nice to 'collect' after a set date.

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