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/pickup or /drag command

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If a /pickup or /drag command could be added to pick up individuals off the ground to be able to load them into vehicles and driven to the hospital. 

The EMS are low staffed and with the server influx, it would help to alleviate the number of calls emergency dispatchers would have to handle. 

I understand the Police have a /drag command, maybe it could be opened up for everyone to use, in lieu of writing more script. 

I have run across numerous individuals while delivering cargo/fuel that are laid out on the highway, but I am unable to help more than dialing 911 and talking to them until they die.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate the hard work already being done with the server

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+1 But, as far as I'm aware this was already implemented at the start of RageMP and was removed due to the problems it caused. If it causes problems like it did last time, then no. But if recent changes to Rage have made this a realistic possibility, then it's definitely something we want to see in-game.

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