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Community Update

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Community Update 
March 16th, 2019

Dear Eclipse Community,

It’s no secret that our community is significantly growing, with particular attention to a large number of new players and existing players we have had return to the community over the last few weeks. We would like to encourage our existing players who may have more roleplay experience to take the time to be patient and help the new players out if they’re unsure of certain commands, or equally are new to roleplay, it is a combined effort that has got us to the stage where we are at now and it is the same combined effort which will allow us to continue growing.


With the recent and sudden influx of new players, we've reached an unimaginable quiz application queue that we did not expect. In order to swiftly and efficiently handle applications now and in the future, we've created a Quiz Management Team which will consist of Quiz Assistants (players) whose primary responsibility will be monitoring and concluding role-play quizzes and assuring quality among new players. 

This position is considered Junior Staff and thus you will be expected to read and understand our Staff Master Policy. The criteria for the position are as following:

• You will need to possess the ability to demonstrate good characteristic traits and judgment. 
• You need to be willing to teach and educate new community members and answer questions pertaining to the quiz.
• You need to be willing to sit through and review role-play quizzes that come through our system.
• You need to possess good knowledge of our server rules and RP guides.
• You will need to have been a member of the community for a reasonable time.
• You need to be in relatively good standing with the community (no major recent punishment(s)).

Find the application form for the Quiz Management Team below:-


We would also like to remind you that our Head of Support, Lewis, posted an announcement yesterday announcing the opening of Support Team applications. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Support Team, please direct your attention to his announcement. 

The difference between our Quiz Management Team and Support Team is responsibilities. The Support Team is much more difficult to become apart of and has a wider variety of responsibilities both In-Game and out of Game, whereas the Quiz Management Team solely focus on role-play quizzes.

Find a link to the announcement below:-


We would like to apologize for the prolonged time that refund requests have taken up until now. We've not had a good system in place and we've relied on one or a few staff members to handle refunds, which has been stressful for them and causing an inconvenience for the player, and that was never our intention. Hopefully, that will change now.

We've recently introduced a new system internally in the administration team allowing more of our staff to assist the community with reviewing potential loss of items due to server or client issues. This will essentially allow for quick and more efficient handling of refund requests and making it less inconvenient for the player. We will do our best to handle refund requests in the order which they come in, starting with the oldest refund request open.

In addition to the above, with our new 
server rules published and put into effect on the 25th of February, we've also combined transfer requests with refund requests and we've created guidelines for transfer requests. Much like refund requests, the staff team will be able to handle your transfer requests in a quick and efficient manner, again, making it less inconvenient for the player.

We ask that you keep yourself informed and that you read our guidelines for both refund and transfer requests.


We would like to thank everyone who applied for faction leadership for Weazel News and San Andreas Department of Corrections. We received a good amount of applications that we'll start reviewing this week, and we will begin interviewing candidates shortly thereafter. 

On an end note, we would thank community members for their continued support and trust that we have their security and enjoyment in mind at all times. We look forward to what the future will bring with these great new opportunities ahead.


Eclipse Staff

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