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More labs or activites

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As you have seen this couple of days, the server reached over 320 players and they can't manage to make some real cash, the labs are all occupied like all time and the other legal jobs aren't good enough to make a decent profit.

So, what Im suggesting here, is to add some more few labs and make other jobs more profitable, like trucking its definitely a good job but you can't make a decent amount of cash doing that.


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-1, quite a few legal jobs pay decently relative to the risk involved. Adding more labs because you are not equipt enough to take it over from its current occupants or are afraid of the confrontation is not a good idea in my opinion. I might be inclined to see a reason for more labs to be added, but not for the reasons you have stated. More labs would generally mean less overall interaction at each lab with outsiders since they would have more options to go to. Illegal work is supposed to have a large risk involved, adding a few more lab locations because you don't want to confront those who occupy the labs currently on the server removes part of said risk.


If the server continues to grow then maybe I could be convinced otherwise, but how it currently is I personally don't see a use for additional labs.

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Thank you for your patience while this suggestion was being reviewed/researched.

After reviewing/researching this suggestion, we have decided to deny it for the following reason(s): 

  • A lot of things for criminals to do have been added since 2019.

This decision is final. Unless instructed to, do not post another suggestion pertaining to this topic. You will still be able to submit other suggestions on the forums.


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