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The Sisters Red and Wildfire. (Part 1 & 2/3)

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~Some time ago~


"And moving from the left it's Davidson, followed by Montigue and Corlene in a close third, Johnson bringing up the rear tries to swipe by Corlene but is blocked off by the neck and neck maneuvers of her and Montigue. Jameson through Sanchez are bringing up the rear and it lo- WHOA!!!! And out of nowhere its the sisters flying up from the back of the pack! Looks like that shady stunt by Sanchez didn't down our lovely ladies afterall! They're still in it!!!!"


The crowd in the stands roared. The groups of people lining the various parts of the long, winding track roared. The rider Jameson roared. 


"God DAMMIT Sanchez you told me you nailed that fiery bitch!" Jameson swore, swerving his motorcycle around a sharp turn along the road, following the curve along to the straight away and popping the clutch into the next gear. Beside him, Sanchez rumbled up from a few feet behind, looking in his left rear view. Sure enough, two bikes of a rosy red shade were quickly closing the gap between them. In their saddles rested a woman each, each with a name unique to them. The bike on the left roared ahead of its companion, in its saddle a woman with a mane of hair that billowed around her shoulders, whapping about violently in the wind. Strands of silver flowed elegantly through a head of raven locks, piercing through the bangs at their front were a pair of eyes blazing with emerald fury. A narrow-eyed look of determination, rage, and willpower pressed against her face, her lips curling into a snarl as she passed into the slipstream of Sanchez's bike, quickly moving up towards him. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!!!!" Sanchez cried out, feeling the woman  barreling up on his right.


"And here she comes, eager for a little vengeance! It's RED!!!!!!" the announcer cried out as Red soared to the right and hurled her bike back left, crashing it into Sanchez's. The two reached out with an arm each at one another, scuffling and swatting where they could. Red stabbed Sanchez with a quick jab of her fist, catching him straight in the nose. He cried out, gasping and shouting as his vision blurred with tears and blood, his front wheel starting to shake violently from him trying to get control back over on his bike. Red gently moved her bike to the right, her eyes boring into Jameson's as Sanchez took a dive. His bike fell out from under him, the man crashing into the pavement. The woman still behind the pack swerved out of the way to avoid the flipping bike that sailed past her. She took a look over her shoulder, watching the carnage spill out onto the asphalt. When she turned back around, she saw that Red had already collided with Jameson, and was sending him veering to the left, right off of the road and into one of the ditches off the track. She shook her had, sighing as she pulled back on the throttle and pushed forward into the throng of racers still ahead as the afternoon sun continued to bear down on them. "And it looks like The Wildfire is catching back up, aiming to put herself in as a contender for first! Red follows up closely behind, and the battle is on!!!!"



~Some time later~


The two sisters hugged each other, patting one another's backs as they each held a stack of split cash between them. "Not bad for a day's work," Red said with a chuckle, flipping through the bills. "This'll pay for a new throttle maybe, starting to wear mine out." They shared a light laugh, the other sister going silent for a second before starting to turn away and leave. "Hey," Red called after her, a look of concern passing over her face "It's not like I had any choice out there...it was us or them." The sister turned around, her tanned skin and midnight-colored mane flowing around her shoulders like a cascading sea of darkness, her emerald eyes glinting in the sunlight.

"You never have to make that choice Rhea," She breathed, eyes narrowing "No matter what, we don't ever have to cross that line to win. I never do, and you took first because of it, and it was your turn this time anyway."

Rhea, or 'Red', shook her head and sighed "That's bullshit and you know it. They tried to -KILL- us out there, I did what I had to do to keep us alive!"

Her sister sighed, shaking her head, pointing a finger at her and growling after a moment "This blood needs to stop Rhea...this isn't us, it never was and it never should be, EVER. Call me when you've figured that shit out." She started to turn away, taking a couple of steps before her sister shouted after her.


"Reina!" Red called, her sister stopping after a moment and looking over her shoulder. There was a long pause between them before Rhea sighed and shrugged "I love you...ok? Call -me- when you get home." Reina gave her a long look before she eventually nodded and proceeded to her car, leaving Rhea alone on her doorstep.


Rhea sighed, turning to walk into the door until her foot bumped into something below. Chancing a look downward, Rhea found a box resting on her welcome mat. Curious, she plucked up the box and turned it over in her hand. On the underside of the box was written in black sharpie the words: "Hello Rhea. It's time to get back to work." 

Gulping, she popped open the top of the box and opened the flaps, tears starting to well in her eyes as she stared at a pair of fiery eyes of a fox mask staring back up at her.


"You can't run."


"You can't run."


"Why are you running?"


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Part 2 of 3




I'm not sure where it went wrong...

"We're losing her!!"

I'm not sure I understand why...how how...

"Charge to 300!"

Maybe...maybe it's better that way.


Maybe...but in the end even I know that I can't just walk aw-


A blinding flash of white light seared its way over her vision as pain ricochet through her body, her cry echoing through time and space as all went white...and went dark just as quickly.  





"E-15 what is your 10-21?" The radio crackled, Reina Moraine holding a shaking hand up over her eyes as the blinding flash of lightning above her momentarily blinded her. She blinked several times, trying to get a decent focus back into her vision. Not that it would have mattered much, seeing as a monstrous thunderstorm was raging outside of her ambulance. The rain and wind roared against the metal of her vehicle, crashing against the windshield as the wipers over the glass tried desperately to give her some modicum of a clear view before her. Alas, the end result wasn't too promising. 

"E-15 to dispatch," She spoke into her radio, trying her best to see beyond at least ten feet in front of her "I'm currently 10-9 on the side of the northern parts of Great Ocean Highway, near Chiliad...got caught in the storm, and visuals aren't great out here. I'm probably gonna have to hunker down until the worst of it passes." She let go of the switch, a sudden chill running up her spine as the wind buffeted against he vehicle, rocking it slightly.

"Dispatch to E-15, 10-4. Continue holding position until road conditions are safe enough for you to return to the Pillbox. Update us on your status if there are any changes."

Reina looked around one more time before speaking back into her radio "E-15 to dispatch, 10-4, will radio in once I'm mobile again." She sighed as she finished her radio call, leaning back in her seat and drumming her fingers against her thighs for a moment, blowing a light raspberry through her lips as the torrential downpour outside continued to angrily pelt the roof and hood of her rig. She pushed her fingers up into her hair, scratching as her scalp idly and with a feeling of mild frustration as she took her 'free moment' to try and wrap her mind once again around the radical changes and events of the past few weeks.

Things were...different. Mostly bad different. Most, if not all of her friends had left either the city or the country...a major influx of immigrants and travelers had the callboard soaring out of control....and then, there was her sister.

She looked over into the passenger seat, her black ALS bag resting neatly on the cushioned surface. She reached inside, pulling out a small red notebook and flipping it open to the page she had bookmarked and was referencing quite frequently. A feeling of cold dread passed through her veins, her breath feeling icy as the book fell open to the sketch of a fox mask staring straight up at her, staring right into her soul. Around the margins of the book were a sea of disgustingly messy notes and arrows pointing every which way, her disheveled investigation laid out in a haphazard display across the paper. Words like 'tracked' and 'illusive' were the more legible, along with 'dangerous' and 'unstable'. Those words left Reina with a bad gut feeling in the bottom of her stomach, frowning at the messy page. Rumors and stories she had tracked down from the various sources she contacted or met throughout the city suggested that the Fox-Mask wearer was an extremely dangerous individual. The word most often thrown around was 'psychopath', but deep down Reina just couldn't bring herself to believe it. She sighed, looking up at two words scribbled heavily in bold-like writing and circled several times.

'Rhea' / 'Irish' 

The more she dug, the more she was able to piece it together...

She didn't know what had brought her down to this point of the road, and though she wished she could reach some other conclusion, there was little to no denying that the person under that fox mask was her sister, Rhea Moraine, especially considering that around town she was known to all of her witnesses and contacts as 'Red', her nickname from their old racing days. She had tracked her down all the way from their hometown in Missouri, through heavier parts of Vice City, and finally...here. Los Santos. Rhea owed her answers...Rhea owed her years. It wasn't like her to just vanish from the face of the planet, especially with as close as they were. Add to the fact that in their last phone call to each other, Rhea had shown major concern over a group of people sending her messages about doing...terrible, awful things. What those things were she never disclosed...but they were severe enough to make her run.

She looked up after a moment, frowning. A feeling of doubt crossed her mind as she asked herself a question she had been asking herself ever since she left home to find her wayward sister: "Why am I looking for her...what would I even do if I found her?" It was a question that plagued her for many, many nights. Answers was the most obvious conclusion. Of course she'd want to know why Rhea had vanished...but the cost of those answers was something she wasn't quite sure she'd be able...or willing, to pay for. The people she had been involved in...the people she was supposedly running from, and now to find that she may have been linked to the Irish Mob? This wasn't like Rhea at all...sure she got a little rough on the race track..but the Irish killed people, the people contacting Rhea most certainly wanted her to kill people. Rhea wasn't a murderer.


.....was she?


She shook her head, looking up into the thunderstorm which appeared to be lightening up some. If she found her...would she still be the same Rhea she knew from back then? She wouldn't...hurt her, would she? Her thoughts crossed over to the warnings that others had given to her, supposedly from Rhea herself over the course of the past couple of weeks. "Go home Reina," The warnings always said "Go home....this is your last warning." But her drive and focus could not be shaken. If Rhea, or 'Red' kept pushing, she'd only dig her heels in further. She 'had' to know what was happening, or what had happened to bring her sister here...and she wasn't leaving until she got the truth.

Looking around the landscape around her, Reina finally decided that if she moved carefully enough, she could probably make it back to the Pillbox before the storm picked up again. "E-15 to dispatch," she said into her radio as she turned the key of her rig in the ignition, the engine roaring to life and all the dials and gps buttons lighting up, her hi-beams slashing their way through the thick muck of nature's fury before her "Show me 10-9, but en-route back to Pillbox MD from Great Ocean Highway."

She put the ambulance in gear, sighing softly and staring out onto the expanse ahead of her, well...what she could see of it anyway. The drive back was slow and long, her speed slightly reduced due to the weather conditions. She was about half way back when a flash of lightning blared out above her, the ensuing thunder rattling her ambulance's frame. In the split second of vision she got across the area, her eyes widened considerably. She could have sworn she saw...something, standing in the middle of the road ahead. "What the-" she started to say, but her words were quickly cut off by a gasping yelp as what sounded like an explosion echoed out from underneath her ambulance, her rig dropping in height suddenly as sparks flew up in every which direction from below. "Fuck, my tires!" She shrieked as the ambulance started to swerve and sway violently, the rain-soaked road below doing little to aid her as she hydroplaned down the road. "E-15 to dispatch!" She cried out "My ambulance's tires have gone out and I'm skidding down the road, need immediate 10-...." her words were choked into her own throat. The world slowed down as another flash of lightning streaked across the sky, her ambulance continuing to slide with an ear-piercing shriek of metal on pavement. Outside, at the corner of her windshield, a figure stared at her as she slid by. Their gazes bore at each other, an icy fear gripping at Reina's heart as the souless, emerald eyes of a fox mask stared right back at her.  The ambulance roared by her as the world sped back up to normal, the rig swaying too far to the right and clipping a large rock under her ruined front right tire.

She screamed as the ambulance rocketed itself into a flip, rolling out of control as it tumbled down the highway towards the seaside cliff. Finally, after a couple of flips it landed on its passenger side, skidding to a stop just before it soared off of the cliff. A ringing noise rumbled in Reina's ears as she felt the side of her head growing damp, a feeling of thick moisture running down the side of her face. "F-fuck..." she whimpered, blinking her eyes slowly as she took in the scene around her. She was hanging from her driver seat, still buckled in with her front facing back towards the road. Smoke and sparks of electricity flowed and crackled within the cabin as she coughed hoarsely, weakly reaching up to grasp her radio and  whimper "E...E-15 to dispatch...how copy?" Static responded to her words, garbled white noise and nothingness. "E-15 to d-dispatch, how, copy! My r-rig's toast...n...need....I need..." her words trailed off from her broken radio, Reina starting to shake as her eyes wandered towards the front of her shattered windshield, staring out ahead.

Slowly, almost with a graceful, whisp-like step...came a womanly figure in a fox mask. And at her side...she held a handgun in a firm, tight grip. "Oh fuck..." Reina breathed, trying to get her seatbelt undone, her breath picking up as her radio continued to spit out crackled nothing at her, though for a few brief moments she thought she heard the words "Location" and "Responding". At long last she finally popped the jammed seatbelt free, a cry escaping her throat as she fell from the driver's seat and crashed into the passenger side below. She groaned and with a raspy heave, took another quick look outside. The fox masked woman continued to approach the rig, her high-heeled boot steps coming ever closer. Panic started to grip at Reina's heart as she desperately started to kick the windshield, grunting and shouting as the edges of the glass started to come free. Finally, after a few heavy attempts and a wailing shout did the windshield finally popped free of its frame and crashed out into the storm. The sounds of the wind and torrential fury outside roared in her ears as she was exposed to the elements, weakly crawling out of the ambulance. The edge of the cliff couldn't have been more than five or six feet away, her sharp, heavy gasps lost in the sound of the storm as her head turned to watch the gun-wielding woman stop in her tracks, a good twenty-five to thirty feet between them.

Reina slowly started to get to her feet, holding her side with a light groan as she huffed and panted from the exertion. Eventually, she managed to stabilize herself, her eyes narrowing towards the fox as she was quickly soaked through by the rain. "I told you to go home," The fox said, the mask staring towards her with a blank, deadpan expression.

"I've come for my sister," Reina replied,  trembling in the rain "I...I'm not leaving until I get some answers!"

The fox stared at her, unmoving for what felt like the longest time. Finally, she answered "You're right...you're not leaving. That window already closed when you didn't listen to my warning."

"What warning?!" Reina shouted at her, seething in pain. "What kind of warning is 'go home'? What kind of person just ups and vanishes without so much as a goodbye or without any reason!"

The fox stared once more at her, her thumb pulling back the hammer of her pistol. Reina saw it, her brave demeanor faltering slightly as she also reached up to grab the muzzle of her mask. She pulled it off slowly, Reina's breath catching in her throat as the woman's face was revealed. She was different than she remembered...her hair was cut, dyed silver but with her raven roots already growing back in. She looked older...hardened, her eyes colder and more glassy than the warm, fiery power she used to see within them.

"Rhea.." Reina breathed, her voice breaking as her sister held her fox mask in one hand, her gun in the other. 

"The kind of person..." Rhea said, her eyes narrowing "That was trying to protect you, to keep you safe..."

The shock in Reina's system finally wore off long enough for her to choke out "S-safe? Safe from what?! You crashed my ambulance, t-threaten me with a gun...! If anything, I should be kept safe from you!"

"You don't know a goddamn thing Reina," her sister spat, the gun in her hand shaking "You have no idea what it's been like these past years...what I've had to do, what I've had to see in order to make sure they didn't hurt you or anyone else I ever cared about." 

"They?" Reina breathed "Who's they?"

"The people I told you about," She replied, shaking her head "The monsters I told you about that were telling me to do those terrible things." She looked down at her gun, tears starting to well up in her eyes as she went on "I was...a part of something horrible...terrifying...but I got out. I got out and I took a lot of bad people down with me." When her gaze lifted back up, Reina could see that whatever softness she saw in her eyes was quickly replaced with something...darker. "But I'm not sure I got all of them Reina..." She said, a deadly tone in her voice as the grip on her gun and mask tightened "They could still be after me...that's why I told you to go home...to stop looking for me." Reina didn't want to believe it...she didn't want to see it but she was unfortunately starting to piece together a small bit of what Rhea was talking about...and it wasn't leading anywhere good. "Because...if they're looking for me...they could be watching you." She took a step forward, making Reina take a step back "And if they're watching you...then they've been watching you tracking me..." 

"Rhea, stop..." Reina whimpered, taking another step back. The reality of the situation was quickly dawning upon her, and her heart started to thud. She reached up and grasped her radio, pressing the panic alarm button along the side. Rhea watched her, shaking her head.

"You're a loose end sister..." She said with an even, calm tone, her gun starting to rise up. The barrel was pointed at her now, hammer cocked and finger along the trigger "And I wouldn't count on your friends reaching you in time..."

"Rhea, please!" Reina cried out, holding a hand out towards her "W-why are you doing this?! Where did this all go so wrong? Can't you j-just come with me? We could both leave, right now! You could tell me everything that's happened a-and I can try and help you! We can go back Rhea just pl-"

"I CAN'T GO BACK, DON'T YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND THAT?!" Rhea screamed, taking a sideways stance and aiming down the sights at her sister "I have gone too far Reina! I've done shit that no one can EVER come back from! The only direction I can move now is forward, and I'm not going to let anything stand in my way of that. Not my old employers, and especially not you." The grip on her gun loosened slightly as the softness in her eyes returned, if only for a brief moment. Whatever tears were spilling down her cheeks were lost quickly in the rain as she cried out "W-why didn't you just go home...why did you come here!? Why didn't you just believe I was dead! You could have saved yourself! You could have LIVED!" 

Reina stared at her for a long moment, tears in equal measure running and getting lost down her cheeks as the rain roared around them. "Because..." she said, reaching a hand out towards her "You're my sister...and I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me." She chanced a glance at her ambulance before looking backing at her and muttering "Nothing more than that anyway..."

"Don't," Rhea shouted, the hold on her gun tightening. "I am not your sister anymore...Rhea Moraine is dead."

"That's not true..." Reina replied, shaking her head. She took a step forward, still reaching out towards her sister as she said "You're as every bit of alive as you've ever been Rhea, you're-" 

Her words were cut short.

Lightning seared across the sky as a massive thunderclap exploded above them, shaking the ground and covering the area in a blinding flash of light.

Reina blinked, looking towards her gun and at the smoke she could swear she saw whisping out of the front of the barrel.

She looked down upon herself, at the rapidly blooming flower of blood spreading out across her white uniform. She took a staggering step back, her hands shaking as she cradled them around the gunshot that had been afflicted upon her. Her gaze lifted back up to Rhea, the woman looking like she was...sobbing. Her gun was shaking, her legs carrying her backwards as Reina's own staggered her form towards the cliff. "Rh-" Reina choked out, her vision blurring "Rhea..." Her foot hit nothing.

The ground left her as she felt the wind whipping around her, and in an instant she felt ice. Water swirled around her as she crashed into the dark surface of the ocean below, her blood swirling around her as she started to sink. Her hair floated around her, her eyes staring up at the surface as it slowly started to drift away. Voices reached her, voices she recognized, and some she didn't. Viper's voice reached her...so did Huth's. Cooper's, Michelson's...her friends. She slowly reached up towards the surface, wanting to cry out to them as her vision caught sight of a silvery necklace floating away from her, the snake-like charm staring back at her as she felt her vision starting to blacken.

Just before she fell asleep, she felt something hard and rough grasp her by middle and her shoulder, and nothing followed shortly after.



I'm not sure where it went wrong...

"We're losing her!!"

I'm not sure I understand why...how how...

"Charge to 300!"

Maybe...maybe it's better that way.


Maybe...but in the end even I know that I can't just walk aw-


A blinding flash of white light seared its way over her vision as pain ricochet through her body, her cry echoing through time and space as all went white...and went dark just as quickly.  

"We got her...ho-ly shit we got her...keep pressure on that and get an OR prepped, stat!" She felt her body being squeezed, her vision blurred and crackling with light as a muffled and far away voice tried to reach her. Her name was being called...questions. What did they look like, could she hear them, what happened...? But the only voice that rang out clear as day...was that redhead's. That silly little redhead, the one she missed the most, the one she wished was there...but there was no one.

There was no one. Absolutely, no one.

Maybe...maybe it's better that way.

Maybe...but in the end, even I know that I can't just walk away.

...I can't walk away.

My sister is dead. 



I need to know why.

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