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The Blair Family | Russian Mafia

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The Blair Family come from a long line of aristocrats. Our father Frances Blair was a cabinet member for the Ukranian Prime Minister and our mother, Natalie, was the daughter of one of Russia's top crime lords. The three brothers Ash, Richard, and Michael, were always the talk of town growing up. Having a Russian mob boss as a grandfather assured us certain privileges that were not available to the rest of the town. Life was good for us until the day the Prime Minister began to put pressure on a rival faction of the mob. To protect us our Mother used her Father's resources to send us to America where we have arrived in the city of Los Santos. Currently working around the city we have begun to make a name for ourselves with the three big gangs.


Based out of central Los Santos we are currently biding our time and getting a foothold in the city. Our goals are as follows...

*Start Spreading our name and recruiting members

*Gain a reputation and recognition of our Family

*Purchase our base of operations in Northern Vinewood

*Ensure that our members are well armed and housed

*Purchase our warehouse

*Begin importing and selling weapons and ammo

*Create a stash of weapons and vehicles in cases of emergency


We currently want to keep to a tight mob hierarchy


                            /                                                       \                                         

Sovietnik(Support Group) Leader | Obshcak(Security Group) Leader 

                         |                                                              |          

                  Brigadier(x4)                                         Brigadier

                         |                                                              |

            Brodyaga(Bull)(x6)                            Bratok/Vor(Thief)(x6)

                          \                                                          /





Our dress code is as follows...

Clean white suits for the founding members and top brass.

Any clean-cut outfit containing mostly white for the middle range members of the organization

For recruits, the only requirement is no gang clothing and at minimum a white shirt. Attempt though, to keep it to a high standard.


More Updates To Come...




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