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let us edit names of consumable items to create more immersive RP for Restaurants, Bars, and Gangs

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  • Who is the suggestion for?
    - Every player on the server, with a focus on business owners that focus on food related businesses, or criminal gangs who deal drugs to players
  • Why is the suggestion being made?
    - to DRASTICALLY increase RP and immersion, with a relatively simple idea

  • What are the pros and/or cons of the suggestion?
    - Pros
    - Drastic increase in RP and immersion for players on the server
    - letting players who own food related businesses like restaurants get way more unique with their RP
    - more customization for a little bit of effort

    - Cons
    - Dev work
    - abuse of the system to use derogatory and offensive text on items

  • How should the suggestion be implemented?
    - Allow players a way to edit the names of food, drinks, alcohols, Drugs, on the server, using custom text to name the items something different

    ok, so how could we actually implement this? 

    1. new purchasable crafting table anyone can buy, that works like a Minecraft anvil, letting you edit the name of an item, crafting it into that same item with the new name.
    2. a new menu accessible when looking at food / drink / drug items that lets you edit the name of the item or stack of items.

  • how will this benefit RP?
    1. Restaurants will be able to customize the names of the foods they serve.
    2. Bars will be able to customize the names of the alcohol they serve.
    3. Gangs will be able to customize the names of Drugs they sell to other players.

    doing this will let players have more in depth RP and more immersion, being able to offer custom named consumables to other players within the server. I can see players using this to open businesses like winery's and Brewery's, selling custom named alcohol, and within RP, players can chose their favorite drink, advertisements can be made advertising in game player made food, etc etc. Restaurants can become way more immersive, being able to serve unique custom named foods to their customers. Gangs can even get involved, custom naming their own variants of drugs, their own custom strains of marijuana, or even intentionally mislabeling drugs to sell to those who wouldn't recognize the difference between the items, being able to scam players, selling a cheaper drug as a more expensive drug. 

    having simple scripts like this that help support players in creating more immersive, in depth RP are so valuable to have, and having this option to custom name consumable items within the server would be HUGE!


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