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More dice options

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A small suggestion that I think would be easily implemented and could be a bit more interesting than our current dice. 


Essentially, making it so that when you do the /dice command, you instead put in what size of dice you want to use. d2,d4,d6,d8,d10,d12,d20,d100. I love the dice system for making rolls and determining what the outcome is and being a big DND nerd, I love the variety with dice. I think that it could make rp a bit more interesting as you have a wider array of outcomes instead of only relying on a D6. Heck, you could even play TTRPGs in game if someone was dedicated enough.

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+1 just /dice [number]  >> "Player rolled a X sided dice and got Y" 
Don't see why this wouldn't be extremely trivial to program. Bonus points if it forces the dice roll animation (currently "/anim wank" i believe)

A similar thread that got some traction the other month:


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