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Gang Exclusive Clothing actually being exclusive

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An idea that was floated by my faction during our latest meeting with handlers that I believe would be an interesting addition and create a lot more roleplay opportunities for people would be if a system was implemented to make the upcoming criminal faction exclusive clothing be only available to the faction who it belongs to, now hear me out...

I know in the past a kind of faction locker has been suggested but I believe it would be unfair to be able to just spawn your clothes when the rest of the server who aren't in GOV factions wouldn't have this ability. 

However to counter this one of the three options could be implemented;

  • A faction locker not quite as I just mentioned but it's kinda like a store interface so only the faction tied to it could use it and would be able to purchase their own branded clothing that way they'd still be paying like regular civilians would but only that faction could purchase their own clothing. 
  • An NPC attached to your turf could have this same effect, selling the clothes but exclusively only your own factions gear again at a cost (figured this might be easier script wise but idk) 
  • Or finally available on import with the black market again only specific to the faction (Lost can import Lost clothing, Rooks... Rook clothing, you get my point. 

Anyway the reason I'm suggesting this and I believe it can bring further RP is laying a claim to your factions clothing in a more personal sense, in terms of the Lost it makes 0 sense that any random can just go buy a Lost branded kutte at any clothing store, they'd be custom made and stitched, same can be said for every gangs apparel. Now where I think this makes it more personal is if you're the only one able to purchase your own factions clothing, then if you find someone wearing it, or someone bragging about having for example a Lost MC kutte, you'd know that they've robbed/killed a member of your faction to acquire such an item. Faction clothing could almost be viewed as trophies in a sense in that regard, and could lead to more RP scenarios where you'd be inclined to find a way to get that item of clothing back from someone who has wronged your members. 

Just a thought anyway, I personally believe it makes way more sense than a random new player on a city bee repping any gangs clothing (when the clothing update inevitably hits the shelves) 

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To add context to this, an MC like the Lost have a culture surrounding their markings and patches that make it blatantly obvious to anyone from that culture if it is authentic. Every Kutte has markings that denote specific things about the wearer, what they have done and what they have earned. Kuttes are simple leather or denim vests you could buy even on Amazon, but the patching, knowing where to put them, the proper Rockers, all of it is not something you could just buy off a rack.

For those that have military or pd experience, its glaringly obvious when stolen valour is at play. I once had someone tell me they were a Canadian Marine (We dont have Marines).

One of the issues we often have IC is that anyone can buy our colours then go on a rampage to damage our reputations with SD / PD / Other Crim groups. It happens routinely enough that it is part of some crim groups order of battle to throw on our colours and hang out in our homes to ambush our friends/suppliers or other members when they log in.

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