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Price Limit For Properties/Houses !

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So My suggestion is simple

#1 Disclaimer i am not the best at economics!

#2 Disclaimer this will make angry a lot old players!

#3 Disclaimer the prices are my opinion they dont have to be the exact numbers i am giving as examples!


Put a PRICE LIMIT in properties/stores/gas/stations and houses based on the number of Garages.

Example. If someone is selling a property he wont be able to put a number above 1 mil or 500K . Pick a number.

Example for houses/apartments a player would be able to sell 1G property at 150k max and a 3G property would range from 500k to 1 million. (if its a big villa with the help of an admin the price tag could go higher for RP purposes)

Now please pay attention to this . Its a server that has no Economy Resets and No server Wipes . Everyone loves that but the longer a player is playing the more money he gets and eventually he gets a lot of millions and it goes on, so according to that the older players in the server rule the economy of server and pricing every property, store whatever they like without asking anyone if i am correct. I saw a Store before 2-3 week being sold at 15 Million with i found it unrealistic and also its super difficult to make that much money expect if you play for months of just grind and not role playing that much? Please correct me if i am wrong

How many properties a character has, should be a thing! (if that dosent exists already)

In conclusion a Limit in prices would increase the Role Play and at the same time decrease the time for Grinding !

The goal is having a lot of money being pointless after a some amount of money so you can focus on having fun and role playing!

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Just auction houses owned by inactive players and the prices will drop again. Maybe increase the amount of 1 and 2Gs on the map since they are the only ones with prices out of the ordinary while there are enough buildings to add from 20 to 50 more houses.

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property value rises and falls with current inflation and property availability. some property is worth more than others due to new updates or location of the property. limiting how much or how little a property can be sold for would cause serious issues in the future as value and inflation changes.

why you'd want this for non residential properties makes no sense. commercial properties vary wildly in value, putting a limit on how much you're allowed to sell a business property for would be dumb. there is a plethora of unclaimed, unused commercial property available for reasonable pricing directly from the government. you don't have to buy business property from other players.

I made a suggestion a while back about how to fix the house shortage. I would argue the main cause is people buying property solely for the purpose of garage space. sell parking spots for IC currency at public parking, people don't need to buy houses just to store their car collection.



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