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John Vayros fight. Update!

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Hey All, I have met a lot of you in game on multiple occasions, I worked at LSC for a long while and have been a member of LSMC for around 3 years. I have always had a lot of IC fun with all of you.
Today I’m reaching out to you all and I’m asking for some help.
One week before Christmas I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.
Tomorrow, I must go down for a major operation. Tomorrow, I have to start the fight for my life and tomorrow I will find out if I need to start chemo, radio (hopefully neither)
Most of you who know me in an ooc level, know I have 5 young girls at home, and my wife, and a little fat dog. 
The same day they told me this news, they also told me from that point on, I was not allowed to continue working, as my kidney is ready to pop, and if that happens, well…
The reason I am posting this is my sister setup a GoFundMe to try and help me and my little family.
It has some money in it already and that would cover us for a little bit, but when they told me I couldn’t work, they also told me that with my job, I’m looking at 2-3 months of recovery. Government have told me I am not allowed to ask them for help, even after working and paying my taxes, all my life.
I have kindly been given permission to post this here by The Eclipse Team. 
If you can, then please do. 
Thank you all for your RP, support, and fun times.
I’ll be back.

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So I seem to be healing nicely.

I have a couple of wounds.

Two small ones about 1cm and one large one around 20cm. I'm going to have some awesome scars.


I had been living off go fund me for a little bit now. Enough to pay my bills for this month. 

The brutal truth. The first week was utter hell.

I couldn't sit, stand or lie down and the pain was intense, even though I was attached to a fentanyl drip.

Had to sleep sitting up.

When they do this type of procedure they pump you body with gas, so they can inflate your stomach, giving the surgeon space to manoeuvre.

The gas pain was the worst of it.

Pain in the shoulders, abdomen and neck 

The wounds were glued,  barring stitches at the end of each one to stop them tearing. So minimal aftercare thank god.

I'm still unable to carry out normal tasks, which mpst things my wife now has to do. It leaves you feeling useless and grateful at the same time. I couldn't have managed without her. 

I have a further appointment on 7th, to find out what type of cancer was present, and to find out if it is anywhere else in my body.


In other news. I was sacked yesterday, as I have 'taken too much time off work'

So I'm going to have to keep sharing my gofundme to get next months bills paid, which again, I hate relying on other people, but have no choice, due to no help from thr government (worked and paid taxes all of my life)


Updates to follow


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