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[TRANSPORT COMPANY] Government Faction

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"Transporting goods, helping the community"

The transport company “BIG G GOODS” focuses on providing a more realistic role-play experience to ECRP. The faction structure is smaller but is inspired by the community and all the businesses/stores in the game.


The Big G Goods transport company was founded in the early 2000s when the evolution of online shopping was established, with the support from many company’s such as Los Santos Customs, Bayview and most of the general stores and gas stations around town. This trucking company is one of the only ones in town with support for fuel and goods.


Our objective as Los Santos biggest logistics company is to expand into our community, branch out to everyone and everyone, every business, and any business we here at big g goods want to help and support everyone that we can.

We want to help deliver supplies to every business, whether its those starting up or those already up. We would deliver orders to places like LSC, Bayview, general stores, gas stations, restaurant, and even nightclubs. The message we want to deliver to everyone is that you can put your trust in us.


The distribution center for our company is on Popular Street , East Los Santos




The Owner is responsible for all policy-level decisions, as well as making final decisions on promotions, demotions, and dismissals. The Owner is the last rank within the chain of command that should be reached only when nobody else is able to resolve the situation or issue. The Owner is responsible for enforcing policies and enforcing that High Command performs duties required of them.


Lead Supervisor

The Lead Supervisor is responsible for monitoring all managements performances and ensuring the efficient delegation of manager responsibilities among the several management. Particular attention should be paid to documentation and workplace standards, which must be upheld and their development.



Management is required to enforce policy changes as well as current standing policies upon the mechanic ranks. Handling all employee reports in regards to policy breaks, policy changes, and other suggestions. In charge of enforcing policies upon all Mechanic ranks as well as pushing for higher quality work and professionalism. In charge of interviewing and training all new truckers at big g goods logistic company.



They are expected to pass their knowledge and experience down to probationary trucker while honing their customer-relations skills before progressing further in their career. Responsible for showing the utmost professionalism as well as furthering their skills each and every day


Probationary trucker

The newest recruits with the most to learn. In this one week probation period, they will be supervised to see how they retain knowledge, engage with the public, and gauge their work ethic. They will be taught by our Supervisors and be exposed to all the different types of services we provide. After Training Session 2 is complete, they are eligible to be promoted along to trucker after a week probation period, and can work alone until that is processed at a Management Meeting.


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2 hours ago, ElisabethC said:

There is little stopping you from building this out yourself, honestly. Nice write up, but I doubt it needs any script support right now. You can always apply for official and we can see what we can do then (F4 menu wise, and such).

1. I don't own the building

2. what's the point in setting up the company if they don't need parts and order them for their shops (scripted), ill make no money

3. how will my men get their trucks out "from the business?" they'll have to buy their own, correct

this is just a few problems if it is not scripted but i could be implemented in the future

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