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Medical rework

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My suggestion is for a fully re-work of the /stabilize and /CPR system

Adding stuff like Gauze, Bandages, Plaster, Saline, Splints and so on to the game, These items could be purchased at the Hospital store that at the moment only sells painkillers. Adding more Hospital/medical related items for it to sell.

MD would be given these in their /FL letting them pull out all the stuff they need for their field treatments and Civilians could buy them from the store inside pillbox where you currently can only buy painkillers


With this rework you cannot rush CPR or Stabilize anyone as you'd need to apply the required medical equipment first.

Lets say someone has been eject from their car. The server would detect that as "player ran over Player" making them technically ran over. the server could automatically make it so if a player has been detected ran over by a car. they'd have a broken bone

so lets say you do /cpr on this person, It would instead of extending their health. show a popup in the chat


PLAYER (1) Has untreated injuries and requires treatment

Splint (0/1)


and after getting a splint and applying it. you could then do /cpr again and it would work like normal and add health to them extending their life

or add another command like /checktreatment ID and it would then show

Splint (1/1)

or if they aren't injured and you run that command it simply prints back

This player does not require any treatments!


And to keep the requirement for BLS license. If you try to use any of these items on a injured person you'd get the error

You lack the required training to use this equipment!


For gun shots the real difference between /stabilize and /cpr would show

if you'd do /cpr on a person with GSW it could show like

Bandage (0/1)

Gauze (0/1)

But for the /stabilize command a medic / LEO would use. it would print back more requirements as this would be a more in-depth treatment

Saline (0/1) 

Gauze (0/5) Depending on the amount of GSW's

Bandage (0/3)

This would prevent the rushing of /CPR abusing it and would make /stabilize not action timer dependant but dependant on how quick the medic/LEO can work to apply them. Using /me's and /do's to apply them.



Applying anything could also take use of the Action timer allowing Medics to abandon the treatment mid treatment unlike /stabilize. that often forces medics in to the CPR animation up to 4 times even after trying to cancel it.

This would allow criminals to try and delay treatment of their enemies by forcing the medic to stop and duck for cover, unlike /stabilize that will keep going even after a medic has left the body and gone behind their ambulance.


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I was actually thinking about this recently and going to suggest this myself. The server already detects where you get damaged and shows that info in /mywounds or /analyse wounds. Depending on the type of damage shown, melee wound or gunshot wound, you could use different medical items to treat it. I would also suggest that you have to either be on duty government personnel or have a valid medical license for the script to allow you to use the medical items, so that people with no training can't use it and its not abused, similar to how painkillers cannot be taken in the middle of a gunfight, these medical items cannot be abused in the same way. 

Regardless, 100% support this and its long past time we update medical RP and add some more fun and depth to it. 

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6 hours ago, Requiem said:

I would also suggest that you have to either be on duty government personnel or have a valid medical license for the script to allow you to use the medical items

I believed that would come in as an obvious thing but as people might misunderstand things I added that to the post

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