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PD panic alarm whilst injured

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If you can't talk on radio whilst injured, which makes no sense, I don't think PD should be able to reach for their radio and click a button, as they're injured. I've been in multiple situations, where for example,  a cop will be eliminated and they'll immediately hit their panic button, leading to a whole wave of officers storming through in 2-4 stacked vehicles spraying us down.


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Hey there.

This was discussed amongst senior staff and was ruled to be allowed for gov factions (with access to them) to use while injured as long as other rules such as Fear-RP are being respected.

Unfortunately, open radio communications for all players (gov factions included) was and will remain scriptly disabled due to the poor standards displayed by many players treating a shootout like a competitive CS:GO tournament and making unrealistic cod-lobby call-outs while RPly critically injured.

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