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What is your favorite food?

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On 9/6/2023 at 7:17 AM, Puzzling said:

I am trying to figure out more dishes to make, so why not ask you all? What is your favorite dish or something unique to where ever you are from?

I will eventually try to cook them all and then post some pictures of the results.

first suggestion would’ve been ribeye but someone here has good taste @Ranger

So here’s this..

5 hour roasted lamb shoulder 


roast for 4 hours at 220 F, wrapped in foil after coating it in olive oil and salt and pepper, squeeze orange juice and add orange slices along with big cuts of onion, garlic, chilli if you like spicy food. 

open foil after 4 hours and coat with bbq sauce + honey, and do an extra hour to 45 mins, (always make sure there’s water/liquid in the foil so it doesn’t go dry.


look for “Kabsa spices , ready or mix them yourself” and add it to boiled rice so you have “Kabsa rice”




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