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Los Loco's

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A lone vato came into the city with dreams and hopes of making a name for himself, he tried to grow and sell grifa but was robbed almost everytime by bigger and badder Mafioso, he would then turn to cars, stealing tyres and car parts to make a quick profit but to no avail and again being robbed. Struggling to make a name for himself the Dog himself would ask around and would soon find a handful of Amigos who also shared the same problems and same dreams as his own, and now with a little pandillero of his own "El Doggo" and his "Loco's" would try once again for the hunt of fame, fortune and glory, but this time together! La familia es clave!






We are sick and tired of these big gangs bullying and robbing the preventing them from making money, we aim to help protect and help those new to the city and encourage them to go off on their own and make money or to join our family and help look out for the little guys. We aim to eventually set up a car chopping system where they can deliver cars for a quick profit but this is a long term goal and a taste of what we can provide to you, providing you help us reach this goal. However just because we want to help people does not mean we wont help ourselves first. We are prone to robbing people, cars, stores and much more. Family come first.






  • Establish a hierarchy
  • Grow the gang through recruitment
  • Obtain a HQ
  • Obtain various properties for illicit activities
  • Help and protect new and existing small time people for a share in our search for "Fame, Fortune & Glory"
  • Earn the respect of already established gangs via diplomacy or war






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