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Bank Transfer Tax change.

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Simple change so that the bank transfer tariff is calculated and added to the cost of the sender, instead of deducted from the receiver.

this is to make bank transfers a simpler viable way for organisations and events to collect money/conduct transactions without having to calculate transfer tax and increase their prices for bank transfers accordingly. when purchasing a 2k raffle ticket, the sender only needs to send 2k, and the transfer tariff will be automatically deducted from his bank account also. You could take this a step further and add the cost of transferring the money to the bank apps UI, keeping costs transparent while simplifying event transactions.

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On 9/13/2023 at 5:28 PM, 2300 said:

Just remove the bank transfer tax, i'd love to know which bank charges 5% for a wire transfer, honestly.

I know of one bank that does, the one in this game. It's basically a tax of negating to carry around cash to pay someone. It's a tax for a method to hassle free pay someone. Sure it kind of sucks, but your alternative is to carry it around, which could be a high risk. Doing a wire transfer is zero risk. I'm personally fine with the 5% tax.

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Big +1

No bank charges you for wire transfers, and there is zero incentive to carry cash because everything is able to be purchased with your bank balance. I also don't understand having a limit on the amount you can transfer from the phone considering it is the same bank and on my bank app on my phone I can transfer as much as I would want.

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