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ECLIPSE ROLEPLAY - Changelog (August 8th, 2023)

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July 19th to August 8th, 2023

[Action Timers] Fixed an issue with /RemoveFDO not working for admins from anywhere on the map;
[Admin] Fixed the /aduty command causing weapon customizations to disappear;
[AFK Script] Players will now be logged out instead of being kicked;
[AFK] Fixed an issue that caused the AFK logout screen to keep restarting;
[AFK] Closing the logout screen will restart the AFK timer;
[Bullets] Made bullet casing piles collisionless;
[Commands] Prevented staff members from spawning cosmetic weapon components;
[Commands] Disabled the spawning of UNARMED as a weapon;
[Credit Store] Finished the credit weapon skin component functionality;
[Credit Store] Some UI improvements for displaying weapon skins;
[Credits] Fixed the credit store weapon skin preview error;
[Death] Made the death in car animation more reliable;
[Death] Updated the death reason messages;
[DLC] Fixed the vehicle model collisions of the Scout and the Taxi Moonbeam;
[DLC] Added/Updated SED vehicle liveries for Caracara, Kamacho, Scout and TARV;
[DLC] Fixed certain custom DLC clips not being loaded;
[DLC] Fixed all DLC special ammunition clips;
[DLC] Miscellaneous custom clip component DLC fixes;
[Factions] Faction weapons will no longer exceed the maximum amount of ammo (certain items have high weight due to excessive ammo);
[Factions] Fixed the F4 menu not working for faction members without admin/owner permissions;
[Factions] Fixed an issue that caused too many weapons to show on the character's back;
[Gun Stores] Added minimum trucker payment check;
[Gun Stores] Set minimum store prices to import prices;
[Gun Stores] Added successful stock import order notification;
[Gun Stores] Added the minimum trucker payment on display;
[Gun Stores] Added a button to reset the current stock import order;
[Gun Stores] Fixed guns not being counted in the price and not being imported;
[Gun Stores] Fixed not being able to set the import price to 0 (not for sale);
[Gun Stores] Made gun purchase restriction messages more clear;
[Gun Stores] The trucker order cargo capacity will now depend on the total weight of the ordered items;
[Gun Stores] Fixed a bug that prevented purchasing weapons if the gun store had no tint color stock;
[Gun Stores] Fixed a few UI crash cases (screen stuck at preview);
[Gun Stores] Fixed the preview not being turned off in some cases;
[Hunting] Gutting now works with Switchblades and Machetes;
[Inventory] Fixed most inventory items being shown as the default bag image;
[Inventory] Fixed most inventory items being shown with incorrect or generic names and weights;
[Inventory] Fixed the weight of the prison stamp item;
[Laws] Fixed the penal code not loading when exceeding the data limit;
[Licences] Completely removed the weapon permit from the /PoliceDesk to simplify licensing;
[Licences] Firearms licence will show all authorized weapons;
[Licences] /AuthorizeWeapon will no longer work on weapons that can't be purchased from a gun store;
[Prison] Fixed the maximum prison sentence upper limit when trying to extend the sentence;
[Shipments] Enabled adding/updating/removing shipment packages without a server restart;
[Truckers] Fixed gun store trucker orders showing incorrect cargo values.
[Truckers] Set the minimum gun store cargo to around 5 minutes.
[Vehicles] Added more new vehicles to the server (all 815 are present + 20 custom vehicles);
[Vehicles] Added the Police, Police Unmarked, Sheriff and EMS Buffalo STX vehicles;
[VIP] Added a new VIP perk that reduces food and water intake by 50%;
[Weapons] Added missing inventory icons of some new weapons;
[Weapons] Added all missing weapon inventory icons;
[Weapons] Added custom flashlight synchronization (gun flashlights included);
[Weapons] Added a "Check" option to weapon component and ammunition items to check the compatible weapons;
[Weapons] Fixed weapon items not having most of the inventory actions;
[Weapons] Fixed the error messages when shooting at another player with special rounds;
[Weapons] Fixed the weapon swapping animations;
[Weapons] The inventory item "Hand Over" script will now spawn weapons with their customizations;
[Weapons] Fixed a bug that caused weapon customizations to temporarily disappear when toggling /aduty;
[Weapons] Fixed a bug that caused ammunition loss;
[Weapons] Ammunition hash will now be provided by the server instead of the client;
[Weapons] Ammunition resynchronization fixes;
[Weapons] Made the hand flashlight toggleable and applied the gun flashlight fixes to it;
[Weapons] Fixed stungun position on the characater's body;
[Weapons] Fixed the weapon component stacking/splitting issues;
[Weapons] Fixed not being able to equip a parachute;
[Weapons] Stackable weapon components will now be used one unit at a time;
[Weapons] Returned the "Check Serial" action message back to the chatbox;
[Weapons] Enabled weapon customization support for faction duty weapon (still requires a menu);
[Weapons] Fixed the player damage logs and /MyWounds command;
[Weapons] Added more information when trying to use a weapon ammo item with no compatible weapons;
[Weapons] Changed weapon related models to load on demand instead of everything on player connnect;
[Weapons] Re-worked the weapon look script, improved reliability in showing the correct gear;
[Weapons] Re-applied the flashlight synchronization script to the new weapon look script;
[Weapons] Potential server crash fix related to the weapon look script;
[Weapons] Added a check to weapon object creation to see if the entity has actually spawned;
[Weapons] Fixed some weapon names showing as 0 in the panel damage logs;
[Weapons] Moved flashlight synchronization into it's own class and file;
[Weapons] Fixed weapon liveries not being instantly applied in gun store weapon previews;
[Weapons] Fixed weapon look objects lingering on in some instances;
[Weapons] Additional checks and optimization;
[Weapons] Changed the shotgun ammunition naming according to GTA V;
[Weapons] Fixed the recoil script not detecting aiming when "Toggle Aim" is used;
[Weapons] Improved the reliability of the instant stealth kill fix (knife kill, pistol melee kill, etc.);


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