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Car jack placement

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Date and time (provide timezone): 29/JUL/2023 0615 UTC

Character name: Martin James

Issue/bug you are reporting: Using a personal car jack is really tricky. 9 out of 10 times I can get the vehicle lifted by the jack and dismantle it, but when moving the vehicle to lift and dismantle the second side it keeps saying to position the vehicle properly, despite the vehicle being placed the exact same way as it was for the first side.

Expected behavior:  When a vehicle is placed reasonably on top of the car jack, it should be able to be lifted without having to continuously microadjust the vehicle.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: First link is to a set of pictures showing the vehicle with its right side being over the jack and then lifted without problems. Second link is to a set of pictures showing how the vehicle is placed identically to the first, but not being able to be lifted. Video shows how much microadjusting I did, but without getting it to work.




Vehicle license plate number*: It is not specific to any one vehicle, it happens to more or less any vehicle.


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I had this issue then I was told that if you just place it on the ground without rotating it, it works flawlessly. 
So i've had great success just flooring it with P then driving the car into the desired position and it's much much easier than trying to adjust your jack to fit the car position.
With my own experimenting, it seems that if you have to rotate the jack, that's when it gets a bit fucky.

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Just wedge the jack under the car further and try not to touch the car or handle with your character model when you try to raise it. If it's still bugging on you just place the removed tires on a plane that's slightly elevated to even the height of the car back out.


Rotating the jack has never given me an issue. It's only once the first set of wheels have been removed  I find.

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