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Adjust Clothing & Tattoo Prices

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The suggestion is pretty simple: adjust prices to make everything more realistic.

Tattoos that cover your whole back cost as much as a mask or a t-shirt. Same thing for jewelry.

Clothes should cost up to 75% less money, depending on the item, while jewelry, shades and tatoos should be at least x3 times more expensive. People are targets for robberies when they wear expensive jewelry but you wouldn't even bother in-game cause they cost as much as clothes. One can even cover himself with tattoos and spend less money than you would for full outfit.

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I'm both +1 and -1 on this. 

I do feel clothing is pretty expensive but the high cost does pull money out of the economy and helps against inflation in the long run.

Perhaps there could be a balance of the two with basic clothing items being cheaper and more unique/fancy clothing being more expensive. Basically a shirt and jeans being $50-100 each but a full fancy suit costing a lot more than currently. Same thing with generic clothes versus designer stuff and jewelry. 


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