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Phone chargers should have multiple uses, and not be tied to any one location

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I lost my phone charger today because I used it in a temp vehicle. I was told that the charger was supposed to return to my inventory. There was a mix-up, though, and what I labeled as a bug, many others labeled as a feature.

I propose that phone chargers should have a limited number of uses, lets say 200. They can be used in a car or house as usual, but instead of the charger being tied to the car or house indefinitely, it should return back to the player's inventory with 1 use removed.

Phone chargers could then be bumped in price (slightly) in the market, but also not have infinite uses, as they degrade over time, IRL.

Counter-argument: you leave the charger as-is. 

This is a bad example of how phone chargers work. You don't buy a phone charger for every room in your house or every vehicle you've ever used. Realistically, you keep 1, maybe 2 chargers (1 for the car, one for the house) and keep it with you until either 1) you get a new phone, or 2) it breaks.

Also, phone chargers should work in ANY vehicle or ANY house, even if you don't own it. Realistically, you don't go to a friends house with a phone charger and they say "No, you don't own this house" or "No, you don't own this car."

Chargers should not be consumables, they should be tools that degrade over time.

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If you're carrying a charger, you should just be able to use /charge, inside a building, house or car.

Radio's don't expire, why would chargers?

I've heard about robbers having an abundance of junk and radios, maybe a suggestion to add a black market, or way to sell back these items for quarter the price?

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