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Hey there!

The Quiz was a lot easier back then, in just answering roleplay rules and server rules back then. We then had a huge growth in players, but who didn't know to roleplay and broke rules constantly or didn't even speak English, in a sense, that they could have understood English written rules at all. So it's a good thing, that they improved the "Quiz" greatly and that applications are now manually processed by the staff team.

I wish you good luck, never the less. 💓



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Hi there!

We try to review the quizzes as quickly as we can. Sadly, we got dozens of applications daily, last summer we easily got 100 a day. It's mostly supports that take the task of reviewing player applications on them. We're all still human tho, with our own personal lives and duties in-game we need to do. Doing player applications are very attention intensive, and thus take a bit longer to process.

The bright side is that it's a one time wait, and you have endless hours of playtime waiting for you afterwards. It may seem like a long wait, but you'll never think back to it later.

Thank you for your feedback tho, and enjoy your holidays! ♥

- Boxxy

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