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Luke kuperus

Sex Change

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I hate how people treat female characters in-game because OOCly they're male playing a female, or the other way around and trying to fake a voice to fit. Just because you don't have the voice to play female and don't want to type everything doesn't mean you should be pressured ICly to regret the choice OOCly.

I agree that a gender change should be an option, but I disagree with your reason of wanting to do it. People that give you shit or exclude you and your wish to enjoy the RP as that character due to this should be reported for metagaming.

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Don't let rule breaking players or downright rude players bring you down, man. If you wanted to roleplay like that, you have every right to do so and Eclipse welcomes all roleplay as long as it is rule following.

Unfortunately, sex changes are not possible right now but will likely be possible in the near future. Stay tuned for that update!

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