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Access to this is infuriatingly difficult!!!

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With the quizzes this seems like I am joining the FBI or something. Just succeeded at the first quiz only to realise I have ANOTHER one to answer, which I have failed. I understand you are trying to weed out the idiots but jesus christ, its just a game. Wouldn't it be easier to just have a reporting system where when someone is abusing, you just block them for several hours/days rather than stopping people from even accessing it to try it out? I've wasted hours of my life already that I will never get back trying to access this and I may not even enjoy it!

Utterly ridiculous.

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I have read them 3 times, even though the wording of it and the questions in the quiz pertaining to it have patchy grammar and spelling, and some are ambiguous at best. I'm gonna give the second quiz one more go and if I fail again I give up. Guess I'll have to go back to being griefed by MKIIs. 

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Hello sir or miss. Please re-read our rules and what also helps is to read our roleplaying guide on the forums. I have read your quiz answers and they do need some work.

The reason we make it difficult is to make sure all players enjoy and are able to RP. We understand people need to learn RP too but we want them to know the basics of it at least. We don't want any players that may break or hurt other peoples RP experience. 

Best of luck.


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