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The Phalanx began as a naturally occurring evolutionary leap of the Camorra crime family into a Roman-Italian organization. After several disagreements with how the family is being run among the bosses, they came together united. In agreement the family has been stagnant in it’s old ways they opted the need for change, a new type of organization, an organization, a Phalanx of business and wealth.

From help of the new growing and evolving organization, they look at taking ownership of smaller businesses, manufacturing and industries. This will be a new beginning, a way the members can again recover and grow from the oppression and tyranny of the old ways. Camorra Contracting & Industry is born as a front for the Phalanx.




All operations are organized and operate on an as close to legal enterprise as possible from security and contracting to acquisitions, manufacturing, and processing and lastly the shipping, transportation and delivery of quality products across the country. Many members will start with Phalanx Industries, recruited from and for blue and white collar jobs then eventually trained and initiated into higher tier business opportunities.

While every member will have their place in the new organization, the Phalanx will continue looking out for each other and their interests in a more open forum with it’s members. More interested in making and organizing business and progress over imposing fear, allowing them to be seen as a more negotiable and political group. However if it came to the defense of the association, we will march with thunder.





The Phalanx aims to be part of a greater part of the city and its communities, legal and criminal. Aspiring to be of a higher class of life for all its members, interacting in healthy, growing relationships, investing in future endeavors and aspires to work with everyone to achieve their own interests and goals. We aim to work with and improve the lives of our fellow industrial leaders and workers, blue and white collar.

Phalanx Areas of Interest

Phalanx Areas of Interest



Are you Looking for full time employment? Recently fired from your past job? Just arriving in town? Good, we're looking for you! Phalanx Industries looks for people with irregular, regular, and those with interesting hobbies! Get in contact with one of our members of PR or HR and they'll get you set on the right path to become a fully employed member of our great company.




((All members must have a clean or minimal admin record and are expected to understand and follow all rules as well as provide a high quality roleplay environment at all times ))


  1. Capo - Leaders of Phalanx Corporate Industries
  2. Vice - Leading council members of the Phalanx.
  3. Capitano - Captain of industry.
  4. Agente - Ranking agent and specialist in their field.
  5. Operaio - Experienced member and operator of the organization.
  6. Lacche - Starting member of the organization.
  7. Inizaito - Beginner member and initiate to the crew.


  • Archivist - Record keeping and archiving.
  • Armi - Acquisition and distribution of small arms.
  • Consulente - Advisor or counselor to the organization.
  • Contabile - Financial and asset advisor.
  • Coordinatore - Event planning, coordination and marketing.
  • Chimico - Chemical and material scientist.
  • Evocatorem - Talent acquisition and recruiting.
  • Furiere - Member placement and asset assurance.
  • Politico - Associates and negotiation.
  • Tacitus - Operation analyst and planner.
  • Sicario - Asset expiry and recovery.
  • Sicurezza - Security and protection specialist.
  • Velocita - Transportation and delivery.
  • Vessillo - Enforcer of standards and policy.


  • Code of Faith - Believe and inspire yourself and others to grow.
  • Code of Honor - Provide a fair and mutual understanding in the pursuit of progress.
  • Code of Responsibility - Strive to operate within our societies laws, rules and standards, serve what you are expected to pay.
  • Code of Silence - Reveal nothing that would risk our community, members, structure, business or proprietary information.
  • Code of Trade - Negotiate, understand profitability, work together and provide contribution to the expansion of the industry where possible.
  • Code of Trust - Understanding and faith in your organization,  they will look out for you and your interests as they would expect in return.


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