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Tom Solar

faction specific tattoos

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Just basically an extra set of tattoos all based on factions in the city.

I dont know how hard it is to model in new tattoos I did look up a little and there seems to be some ways to get "custom" tattoos.

I gues there is probably already some criminal factions native to the game who have existing tattoos available but it would be nice if the legal characters could get a tattoo of their faction.

My DCC character wants a DCC tattoo basically ^^ maybe other people fancy that too.


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25 minutes ago, AnakinB said:

Assumably it’d be officials only 

Even with official factions it would still have to be changed/updated quite often. A possible solution would be to have a list of tattoos from certain cultures.

Examples: Yakuza tattoos (Chinese/Japanese), British street gang tattoos, American street gang tattoo’s , Russian mafia tattoos. As many gangs have their origins in relative the same select category of cultures/nations, it could be used by multiple gangs.

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