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New phone script

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I strongly believe a new phone script needs to be implemented, as the current phone script is kinda trash...


Ideas that could make the phones in Eclipse better

- Text notifications, and unread messages

- Being able to send your location to others for them to click it, to add a waypoint on the GPS to the specific location

- Group chats for multiple people to talk in

- Seeing who recently called you, and removing the "Recipient not available or offline" as most people use it to see whether someone's online or not.

- Being able to take someone's phone and read through their messages yourself and calling people through their number, and having a recently deleted section to see deleted messages.


I feel like these ideas will make the phones on Eclipse way better than they are, as they are really confusing to use at some times, and these changes will make everything better.


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Oh absolutely, +1 from me. Many times have I been unaware of a new text due to the fact that 90% of the time you don’t get any sounds or notifications. I have been in other servers and most of them have had phone scripts that were miles better, letting you to hit a key to bring it up instead of clicking on the phone, and even allowing you to keep moving and driving while brining it up due to not having to click on it, not to mention customization options such as colors, backgrounds, etc to make each phone more personalized. A new phone script would add a lot.

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