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Quality of Life Additions for Bars

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Hello all! With bars/nightclubs being such a major business enterprise in the server. I really think it could use a lot more script assistance instead of having it all be RP based.

The current way bars serve alcohol is the customer buys the bottle, there's some fun RP (if you're lucky) and then they hand over the bottle. There's a couple of things that could improved with this as a whole. 

  1. Make bottles able to be poured into a glass item. This would be so beneficial because tight now you spend $400 dollars on a single bottle for one person as a business owner and then have to sell it to the player to for $500. While this doesn't seem like too much of an issue, it's completely annoying when you RP pouring out a glass of whiskey or and then hand them a whole bottle. This means the player will more than likely drink the whole bottle, meaning they will immediately be drunk and not need another drink. More commonly though, players will buy four drinks, drink them all and be drunk for one hour IRL. Despite RP'ly only having four shots or four beers.

    Adding in glasses for pouring alcohol into it allows bar owners to price their stuff cheaper and not require them to not have to purchase 20 of each type of alcohol. It also means players will not immediately get drunk after they RP'd having one drink, In adding this, it means bar owners will not need to do the $500 cash or $1000 wire transfer for two. In doing this, players will be more likely to carry cash with them to the bar, thus, allowing for more petty theft to occur which will be a fun side of crim RP to happen. 

    Additionally, players can return their glass after drinking and then someone would have to clean the glass before using it again. 

  2. Add a command for handing over drinks. All too often in bars and such, you'll RP handing the drink over to someone, only for some random to come and snag the drink. This results in having to PM them and ask them to return the item. Adding a command removes the potential for this to happen and as such, allows for the RP to be more fluid instead of having to go into your inventory and right click. It sounds minor I know, but it would be a huge benefit if implemented. This command could also only be used when inside a property if needed. 
  3. Add in different speaker items other than the one we currently have. What really sucks about owning a bar is that you have to set the speaker down near to where you will always be, typically behind the bar, this completely negates any actual speaker furniture items that you have placed for aesthetic. My suggestion is making speaker items like jukeboxes, DJ stands and ETC have the ability to be turned on and once turned on, they get a /speakerurl WI menu. This would allow the various speakers and such to have an actual purpose other than just aesthetics.
  4. Add a real usage for kegs in the furniture store. All too often I've wanted to actually use the kegs instead of having to RP around it. Kegs would work as a finite source for pouring a drink that would allow owners to purchase beer in bulk. 

All in all, none of these are urgent whatsoever but would a nice QoL update for bar owners and such that could used to ease roleplay. 

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