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Roadworker pay.

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When two people are working on one barricade for example. the one who started first will get the money and the other person will get nothing. Some incidents have 4 Barricades and 1 thing to clear out. When there are 20 workers, we don't get anything. 

I would like to ask for a small change in how we get payed.

Here are 2 options:

1. The second person will get a small bonus without affecting the first one's pay.

2. Both share the pay depending on the percentage of work. However, the time taken to finish something should be split between the 2 persons.

Thank you for your time.

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I'd lean more towards allowing multiple workers to place one barricade and speeding up the timer. 

For instance, if you have a barricade with a 300 second timer, and 3 people start it, it only takes 100 seconds to get it down and they all split the pay of that barrier.

This will prevent the instances where people get nothing due to the number of workers being higher than the number of blockades, and also allow the incidents to be cleaned up faster (which would make sense that more workers = faster work).

There could also be a bonus for all road workers who were on the incident scene upon it's completion.  That way the new players who haven't figured out the full mechanics of the job don't end up wasting an hour without getting paid.

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I believe it would be nice to adjust the way road workers are getting paid. I have been doing my fair share of incident calls from a worker's perspective, and sometimes there are only 3-4 points of work on a scene, making multiple workers have to wait until it's done. 

As mentioned above, it may be a good idea to give the possibility for more than one worker to attend a checkpoint, but also share the pay. This may solve the issue of a large amount of DM that happens on the scene over someone taking someones else's cone. Also, it solves the "issue" of workers just leaving when done, leaving other workers behind and getting paid less with the same amount of time spent. 

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Perhaps instead, scale the size of the incidents or number of incidents occurring based on how many workers or on duty at that time. If the number of works is above a certain threshold, then a new 2nd incident spawns for example, so they could choose which one to go to and if one incident has enough workers, the others could go to the other one. Obviously this has to be limited so there aren't 20 incidents simultaneously around the city, but I don't think there would ever be that many road workers anyways.

Also, it may help to rebalance the pay for some of the other freelance jobs to spread players out more so not everyone is doing the same job...

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I believe it's fine as it is, just as any other thing in our life, if demand is lower than the offer, the price will go down, in our case, the roadworker pay. There are other freelance jobs that should be updated to make people earn a similar amount to the one the roadworker can bring, this would make everything more versatile, I am already bored of seeing 5 roadworker trucks filled with people going to every call. So you should probably consider trying out a new job, instead of having half the server work as roadworkers and the other half in PD/SD/MD. We need to bring the freelance balance back and rework some of the old jobs.

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I have recently started doing roadwork just for fun and I agree, sometimes you're standing around with nothing to do due to the amount of people that are doing the job. 

I think a better balance would be making other freelance jobs more worth while doing -- there are so many freelance jobs that are simply not viable for making money and people, especially new players will go for the one that makes them the most money. Roadwork also has the beautiful addition of having a lot of interaction. 

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