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  1. Not going under 300k for all of them, already got a 300k offer
  2. Check this out and tell me if you're interested.
  3. Selling a little ranch formed by 3 appartments Location : Across Paul's Farm Contact: 2031312 Pictures:
  4. Trade offer recived, maxed rapid gt classic (580k stock)
  5. Current offer is 500k but i will not sell for 500 considering actual prices
  6. Looking for more, considering actual prices for Vinewood
  7. Leave your offers here or text me at #2031312 !! Looking for cash or trade with another house plus money from me or you!
  8. I offer 600k if you sell it now!
  9. 500k for the rapid GT / 220k for the V12 #2031312
  10. Contact me via SMS trought 2031312 or email alexzeke11#[email protected] ! Budget is big!
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