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Reworked Building Mechanic

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Henlo Eclipse Roleplay Enjoyers!

I'd like to make a suggestion on the current building mechanic, and possibly a rework to improve the Quality of Life.

My suggestion is to rework the building mechanic to allow you to essentially go into a "Creative Mode", allowing you to build and spawn furniture freely to build out exactly how you would like your building to look. The system would add up the amount that all of the furniture would cost as you spawn the furniture until you're done. You would then get a message "Your build will cost a total of $123,456, do you want to submit or cancel". Hitting cancel will despawn all of the furniture and the creative mode will be over. Hitting Submit will put all of the furniture you just placed into a sort of "Ghost Mode" and will give you a checklist/blueprint item listing all the furniture you need to go and buy to finish up the build.

You will then need to go to the furniture store, buy each furniture item that you used in the "Creative Mode" and return it to your property. Once dropping it in the property it will add that item to the build, slowly adding each furniture piece to the build until it has been completed.

The best exmaple I can give for this would be the building mechanic in The Forest. In The Forest you place down your build wherever you like it, and then go get the resources, adding each log you get to the "ghost" build until it has been completed.


As you can see in the above image, this build is not complete yet, the player needs to go collect more logs to add to the transparent parts of the build until it has been completed. My suggestion would be something similar to this. You would be able to build your dream build to exactly your liking, once you're happy with the planned build, you would submit the build, and the transparent objects would be visible to you. The script would give you a 'Blueprint' item which when used gives you a checklist of all furniture you have remaining to buy.

This addition would improve Quality of Life of those who spend countless hours doing trial and error with building, and prevent people buying too many furniture items wasting their money and time.

I hope I got my idea across properly, and I'd love to hear other people's opinions on this idea, especially those who do a lot of building!

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