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The Lost MC

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The Lost Motorcycle Club is part of the 1% of bikers on the road that are outlaws.

We specialize in drug dealing, arms trafficking, robbing, and taking what we want. We do not operate within the law. We proudly wear the eagle on our back letting others know that we ride free.

"The Almighty forgives, The Lost don't."


With us we bring a great history that dates back to 1964 in Hanoi, North Vietnam. Eight brave Marines founded The Lost MC through their crave for drugs and bloodshed. The club is named "The Lost" in honor of those who served with the founding members that lost their lives in the war. We have many chapters throughout the world, including Liberty City, Los Santos, And Blaine County. The feuds and enemies these chapters have are enemies of every chapter. We have a war going on in Liberty City between The Lost and The Angels Of Death. Other enemies include the Triads, The Professionals, The Vagos, and others. Regardless of affiliation, we will continue to traffic both drugs and weapons, as we would rather die than succumb to those who pose resistance towards the club. 



We may be The Lost, be we are not unreasonable. We have many locations of which we work in cooperation with others.

Stab City:


People commonly know this as one of the many "Chop Shop" Locations, that operates outside of the Cletus family trailer, The Lost don't have any official connection to it. Everyone is welcome to come and chop cars if they so like, although, others must be wary of offering protection or being heavily armed on our property. This is our territory, so operate at your own risk.

East Vinewood (Heavyflow)


East Vinewood is where the club often meets for meetings, getting ready for assignments, or just hanging out. The Heavyflow dealership is rented out by a third party and again has no affiliation with The Lost.




The president oversees all operations of his chapter. He is the one that ensures the future of the club through coordinating deals, runs, hits, etc. This is the highest rank of the chapter.

(The current club president for the Los Santos chapter is: Sam Bennett)


The presidents right hand, the vice president, will do all the actions of the president without the final say so. In case of a presidents absence or a president being killed, the vice president would overtake all operations.


The sergeant at arms is responsible for keeping everyone in line. He will ensure the safety of the clubs firearms and drugs, as well as carry out disciplinary action. The SGT at arms will be the one to strip a members patches if they are kicked out of the club, as well as ensure there is no stolen valor from those pretending to be in our club.


The treasurer is responsible for all financial affairs regarding the club. He will ensure that the treasury is up to date and checked, as well as keep the rest of the higher ups notified of any suspicious activity regarding money.


The road captain makes sure that any route the club takes is a safe one. That there are no ambushes, no law enforcement, and nothing to get in the way of where we ride. The road captain will also be the one to coordinate runs or shipments.


Once you have hung around the club enough and administration has decided to allow you to ride around with us, you will earn the rank of prospect. Prospects are NOT to have any other patches than the prospect tab on the front of their cut. The back eagle and rocker patches are to be EARNED. You will do the clubs dirty work. Dispose of bodies, clean clubhouses, maintain bikes, etc.




We proudly wear the eagle on our back of our cuts, symbolizing the freedom in which we operate. The top rocker displays our club name, and depending on the chapter, the bottom rocker will display what area you operate in. Members will often attach patches that pertain to the club to the cut, including the clubs initials, morale patches, or memorial patches. We also wear various shirts with the cut, as well as always wearing black pants and some time of boot.




Being that we deal in mostly illegal activities, our relationship with the LSPD is a strained one. We have a bit of an unspoken code where if they dont bother us, we wont bother them and vise versa. This does not mean we will punish the LSPD when we see fit, as we do have members that know the operations of the LSPD, and can very easily bring them back down when they get too cocky. As an MC, we vow not to ever work with any type of Law Enforcement, federal or local, as it is a betrayal of our honor, and it will not be tolerated. Anyone who snitches information about The Lost to the LSPD is only going to ensure that themselves and the officers involved will all go home in body bags.



In order for you to become a prospect, you need to be a hang around, the name of which implies, hang around members until they offer you prospect.



(Not in any specific order)

As a Lost member, the rules that you must follow are:

  1. Do not let anyone other than you or a club member touch/wear your cut
  2. Do not let anyone other than you or a club touch your ride without permission
  3. Do not allow anyone to talk negatively about the club
  4. Under no circumstance work with law enforcement
  5. Betray a brother through any means
  6. Attend club meetings if a full member
  7. Participate in club events
  8. Work with an alternative gang/club
  9. Do not ride ANYTHING other than an American made motorcycle (No crotch rockets)
  10. Respect and obey your higher ranked brother
  11. Retaliate to unfair or harmful things done to the club with nothing less than bloodshed.
  12. Follow through with anything the club meeting votes on
  13. Ride in rank from highest rank in the front to lowest in the back (Prospects will always be last)
  14. Wear the club uniform and wear it proudly
  15. Must be able to kill for the club
  16. Must be able to die for the club
  17. Once deceased, all personal belongings, such as vehicles or clothing, weaponry, including personal relationships (Girlfriends, wives, etc.) belong to the club



Members will be held to a high RP standard. This means performing worse when you are injured, falling off a bike and in some way being medically treated, damaging vehicles and taking them to mechanics to repair them instead of just relogging, etc. Members must be a known person around the server. We play this for fun, not to win, we will be more than happy to lose a shipment or a gunfight so long as the RP is good, cause that's what we are all here for. We work in full cooperation with other faction members and if there is an issue with out faction or one of our members we will sort it out immediately.




Three members at the Stab City shooting range


Members riding in ranks


Back patches

(More to be added soon)



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Being the original Lost MC President for the last year and a half..


At least follow some of my back story if you're going to take over the Faction name...


Best of luck.

If you need any support or whatnot you can contact me on discord.


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3 hours ago, Giuseppe said:

Being the original Lost MC President for the last year and a half..


At least follow some of my back story if you're going to take over the Faction name...


Best of luck.

If you need any support or whatnot you can contact me on discord.


Sorry, didn't see any entries on the lost mc and assumed it wasn't a thing. Thanks though!

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