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Accessing vehicle inventory differently (involves trunk) and more.

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Alright, so we are all familiar that trunks can be opened, atleast when they implement it, right? So, instead of just pressing "I" near a car to access its inventory, how about in order to access inventory of cars the trunk/back must be open.

Alright, so people can just press "I" near your car and take all your stuffs, and they will reason out; "Well your car is unlocked bla bla", which is I think in my opinion is so non-RP. So, how about putting commands like /v trunk in order to open/close trunk. /v trunk [open] press "I" then from there you can access the vehicle's inventory. ((Must be outside the vehicle to open it of course)) and we could have additional inventory inside the vehicle like 6 slots, and the trunk has the number of slots designed for that type of car.

This could also improve our vehicle dynamic system as well, and not just freaking unlock car > "I" > take out any huge items inside. Also, once the trunk is open it's synced to everyone that the trunk is open and from there you can take any stuffs inside.

Commands suggestion:

/v trunk, or /opentrunk or /closetrunk. >> Vehicle must be on or off. And when you /v trunk you must be behind or at the trunk of the vehicle. Or you can also open it when you are inside in the driver's seat of the vehicle. ((Since In real life, there's a button inside the car in the driver's seat where you can open trunk/hood/gascan.

Also, we can implement here another dynamic vehicle system in our script such has /hoodopen or /hoodclose >> Here you can fix/destroy someone's engine. 

Also /gasopen or /gasclose. Whenever you are gonna refill your car in a gas station or use a jerry can, the gas tank must be open so you have to /gasopen it before refilling it. Also if you forgot to /gasclose, your fuel will deduct faster since we can RP'ly say that the gas is spilling out as you drive.


Just a few suggestions for more dynamic vehicle system. 
What do you think?

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