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Pistol Pete

CityBee teleportation

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Date and time (provide timezone): N/A

Character name: Pete Wright

Issue/bug you are reporting: Teleportation bug affecting CityBee vehicle

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 

I noticed that if you relog while on a CityBee, you teleport back to the CityBee spawn. I have only tested this with the one outside the hospital but I assume it affects them all. 

This is particularly annoying when you hit a crash spot while on a CityBee. I hit a crash spot two times in a row while on a CityBee before, super annoying!

To reproduce, simply get on a CityBee, drive somewhere other than the spawn, relog and you should be back at the CityBee spawn without a vehicle.

It should be noted that your CityBee is no longer on the map, making it possible to get another one right away.

I've demonstrated the steps above in the following video -


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