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Cyrus Raven

Social Hub and New Marketplace

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For an RP server, Eclipse seems to be missing a social hub area where people know they can go to buy and sell items, talk, meet new people and overall interact with each other. Back in the day, this use to be the bank, although it was never really official, then it switched to being the pier and now there really isn't a place for people to gather, I guess you can argue it might be legion square parking or directly across from it.


My suggestion is to designate a place where people can place advertisements for everyone to see, whether it's for sale of goods, looking for items, houses, cars or a simple party invite for gatherings. This would not remove weazel's ads. However, it would provide a cheaper place for people to advertise and hopefully achieve the goal of creating a spot where people come to hang out, buy and sell stuff.


This brings me to my next point, Life Invader is not the play. Logging into it IG is a pain in the ass, especially with such a small phone interface and the fact that it doesn't keep you signed in, this forces users to leave the game to use it. Additionally it doesn't seem like the most intuitive application to use for new players. My suggestion is to remove this all together and implement a Instagram/twitter substitute that is simple to use and fully accessible in-game. It would allow short messages and images to be sent out and players can interact with them in real time by sharing the post, responding to it or simply liking it. We already know how a system like this would work as he have examples out there to base ourselves from.


Thoughts would be appreciated, my ultimate goal with this suggestion is to create a social hub and hopefully promote interaction while drastically improving ways to advertise


For the OGs, imagine a place like the Market next to all saints hospital or Pizza Stack in SAMP servers like NGG.

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It would be interesting to see something like this.
Also a way to advertise when there isn't weazel around is something i miss greatly, i've seen many pretty cool parties and events with very few people turn up due to lack of advertisement.
(I miss bleets)
Maybe this could be something someone could set up in game as well without the need for scripts like a property that is open for a social hub, then maybe talk with staff to have a forum section which could be used for posting notices. Like how we used to have an advertisement thread on the forums.

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