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In-Game Help Menu (F5) Update

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Hello! I hope everyone is well!

As an experienced player using RageMP and with over 12 months on ECRP, I'm familiar with over 90% of all of the server's potential for day to day rping, along with commands, anims and so on. 

However, of course people who are new into the server don't have the muscle memory of using commands fluently and accurately, which can cause gaps where some very interesting rp/quality of life things could be! Including not knowing information about the server that would be extremely useful to know that can help them RP, find things to do, and have an enjoyable time!

The in-game help menu, accessable via /help or F5, is outdated with old commands, looks fairly messy and could do with a much needed refurbishment!

Additions in the Jobs section of the new freelance jobs too!  

I'm sure is plenty that could be added and adjusted, and it would be great to see new players being able to understand how to 'use' the server more effectively! 

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