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Bring back the old NPCs car spawn rate.

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The title is pretty self explanatory, and although I might be wrong, I would like to know some opinions on this matter.


Few days ago an update was implemented, "fixing" the previous car spawn rate that was put in place with the chop shop update, drastically reducing the amount of car spawned, their spots and so on. To understand if it was only my impression, I have been online at all sorts of times, regardless if my faction or someone's else had an active chopshop going on, always having the same results.


While I do think there should be a periodic rotation as to where these cars are spawned, I do not think there was anything wrong with the amount of cars that were made available, nor their spawn/despawn time. As of today, one of the results is that people started focusing back on picklocking random civilians cars, doesn't matter where or in what circumstances, just for the sake of stealing the contents of the vehicle and leaving them unlocked, because the alarm doesn't ring as long as you don't fail the timer. This gives few to 0 chances of protecting your own vehicle, making it once again the target of said crim characters that previously were "leaving civs alone".


Realistically, since LS is based on LA, we're still talking about a metropolitan area where HUNDREDS of vehicles would be parked around, and I find it very unlikely if not unrealistic that not a single vehicle is to be found if not continuously driving for 15 minutes, actively looking for them. I'm not saying they should be at every corner, but other than a few illegally parked NPC vehicles, I do not think there was anything wrong with the previous spawn rate.




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+1 for clarification.


The previous spawn rate was good, the issue (which I think they were trying to fix), was that the spawning was fairly predictable both in terms of time as well as spawn location. I know I could go to richmond clothing store every hour and have a fresh spawned sports car that would chop for 15-20k, which shouldn't really happen.

I agree that since it got ''fixed'' I've noticed less vehicles in general, but I'm not sure if this is just coincidence cause a lot of players are stealing them or because it was decreased.

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