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Stealing guns from on-duty workers

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I believe that you should be able to steal guns with the required RP, of workers hips (PD,SD,DOC) I feel like the workers item/inventory slots locked reduces rp that you can have for example prison escapes you don’t have the opportunity of trying to steal guns etc as you are restricted by the script, I also believe that this might increase rp for the gov workers as well as some could be corrupt and sell the guns illegally their faction gives. 
please vote if you agree with this with suggestions aswell


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As much as I do believe we should have some form of reward in the situation of fighting and winning against PD/SD/DOC, I think being able to access their guns would be abused by some people. It would make a lot of people go out of their way to specifically target them like they already do opposing gangs and would just result in a lot of negativity and poor taste on an OOC level for most people. 

Also regarding prison breaks, while doing prison escapes and such, you are still allowed to RP attempting to take a gun and if you do manage to take it; they will always treat it as a normal hostage situation and RP that you do have a gun. 

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 This has been suggested before and was decided to not be implemented, find the reasoning below. Locked & Archived.

On 12/15/2020 at 4:49 PM, FatherOsborn said:

Hello, I will go ahead and archive this. I previously posted on this thread a while back explaining why this will not be implemented. We do not find it realistic to make officers a target for robberies, which will happen - and while a rule can be created to try and tackle this, it will create unnecessary time drain for staff members who have to investigate the validity of such an event when they would (should) be extremely rare. But we know how much everyone loves their guns on the server, and a cop with access to heavy weapons = free and easy access to heavy weapons.

It's not common, in fact, I can't cite any sources of officers being targeted for robberies in real life - cops being murdered and ambushed happens obviously, but once that happens, the perpetrator(s) usually leave the area. 

thank you for the suggestion!

- osborn.

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