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Hello my friends from Eclipse Roleplay, today I would like to suggest something given the gangs and turfs.
If you like it throw up a +1.




First of all, you need to buy a spray can from the general store. (Prices 1k-2k)

Then get access to /spray <imagelink or text> 
example /spray an image of a crow to represent Rooks etc.
Or words like "I LOVE PAPADAKIS"
A menu should pop up, helping you choose a font, a color, a size.
Once you do this, then a spraycan prop and animation should appear.
People can buy an other object so they can clean your grafitti from the walls!
Also, you can be arrested for vandalism.

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However, there should be some way to monitor it as it can be used to troll around with it with OOC means (DSO/doxing/advertising other servers) that will being up unnecessary problems to the server.

Maybe only mods+ can add the actual graffiti once you're done RPing it.

The size of the graffiti should also be considered so that the server doesnt turn into an art gallery.

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I think only official gangs should be allowed do it and the "graffiti" (images) has to be sent to FM and approved in order for us to be able to do it. Would be nice to put a gang logo in our area.

To stop it from being abused only let up to 3 images be used as graffiti and every member can only have 1 of each image somewhere sprayed in the city. If i spray image 1 in the hood and then try spray image 1 again in paleto then the one in the hood disappears.

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