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The State of DOC

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I never thought in all my days on this server I would be making a serious ''the state of...'' post. DOC is currently is the  worst experience I have ever fucking had. I MINED OUT THE ENTIRITY  OF THE YARD, NO GOSH DARN STONE LEFT UNTURNED. I GOT A MEASLLY 433 STAMPS. The cheapest food item is 450 stamps. I can't afford to even eat. I was expected under war rules to treat my prisoners better than what DOC is set up to do. I WAS FEEDING people once an hour during the first official war due to fm requiring us to do so. Yet here I am starving like marvin in doc not able to afford a basic meal slowly dying. PLEASE increase the amount of stamps we get or decrease the cost of food so I don't need to invest 500 stamps and 40 minutes to keep my char alive in doc. We seem to be pushing for realism in every other corner of the server but doc is getting neglected. 

Thank you for attending my Ted talks. image.png.adf7faf63d23737cc93418dee8a2a857.png


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3 minutes ago, Harley said:

I think you'd love this post: 



I want to be able to not grind in doc just to stay alive I don't care for extra features. WIth the reduction of how much food fills up hunger your spending more time mining than you can rp. Now imagine how long it takes to get enough stamps to fill up hunger with two people mining. Might as well run into a wall full speed and nlr yourself. 

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10 minutes ago, Chunder said:

The increase of stamp is probably just an unintended side effect of other store reworks.
I have posted a bug report here:

I completely agree that a full stamp rework would be the biggest benefit to SADOC right now, as seen in my post that Harley has linked.

Till a full scale update is done to doc. Changes that can be made in the now need to be made. Reduction in max prison time or increase in value of exchanging stamps to reduce prison time needs to be made. Five hour max sentence is more than a full play session for the average player and with the amount of potential rp in doc just makes no sense. The changes made to cook was a step in the right direction for fixing the server. But lets be honest players alt tab while in doc just as much as they do when cooking. Doc can still be fun even as an ic punishment. Right now i'd rather get put in a 1x1 box with my hunger and food frozen than do doc time during NA hours. Eu doc hours are fine as the members of doc try there best to make it an enjoyable situation for the lack of scripting they have. 

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