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Hi, so there's a huge problem which occurs only in this server. Basically when i play, for the most time i get delayed server response. For example: i try to talk in the voice chat, i get no response from the server, no text in the bottom saying TALKING, the chat doesnt update and stuff. It's like the server crashes for a moment (other players move normally), but i hear the voice chat and the radio, except that i cant even talk or type in chat or do stuff, for example, i try to park my car in the parking lot, i type /park, if the delay thing is present, i have to wait for 15 seconds till my car parks and then i get the message, but for other server players it parks instantly, in the meantime while the bug is present i cant do anything, just like i mentioned before, except moving. This occurs randomly. My internet connection is pretty good and stable. PC i got runs GTA perfectly, maxing 110 fps on high settings. This could be my GTA's issue, i'm not sure, maybe some of you have the problem, or atleast had it, please share your fixes if you fixed it.  So yeah, this is frustrating and it makes my gameplay experience really poor. Because i get this ALL the time.  On the other RAGEMP servers the problem doesnt occur, only on eclipserp. 

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This is caused by RAGE's issue with CPUs, it occurs with a lot of players. Usually this occurs during times when you are for example driving around in high speeds or highly popular areas.

It should be improved in the next RAGE update which should come out soon.

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