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No crime zone update

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This is what is posted for the prison and why it is a no crime zone

This one is a really obvious one as it would be a building full of guards and full of heavy weaponry, The Bolingbroke Penitentiary. This building we are all aware of as if you commit a serious crime or multiple crimes you would normally end up here this building is now an NCZ zone and is really obvious why this building holds some extremely bad criminals for example murders, rapists, and felony criminals so the guards are always armed and always aware of their surroundings, So it would be physically impossible to commit a crime here hence why its an NCZ zone.

Reason it should be a crime zone:

I understand rply there are guards but, Guards are not always around. If you pay attention and look things up. In cells people sell drugs and do probably more illegal things then out of jail. Yes, there should be limits but not a full no crime zone. I believe if you want to fight people in jail because they stole your food or stole your weights or basketball then fight it out. If a "guard" sees it add more jail time. Maybe for that reason make a different cop each day spend some time in the prison being a guard. I have never seen a prison where prisoners don't fight in front of the guards. Out in the yard is probably more dangerous then inside the prison. As it has to many people outside most the time to see whats going on. But maybe only make the enternce to the prison a no crime zone but once your in the prison or in the yard it shouldn't be.

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